On the Road Eats: Raleigh/Durham

I have something to share with you.  

I love it here.  The poeple are nice.  The airport is easy.  AND I’m finding some great spots to grab a meal solo!

Mateo bar de tapas
I drove to Durham and found a seat at the bar.  And I was lucky to find a seat because at 6pm, the place was pretty full.  I started with a beer and ordered the pan con tomate, similar to bruchetta.  My favorite part of the meal!  Next the ensalada de mariscos, a seafood salad.  Also great.  Last I ordered the sweetbreads, normally something I really enjoy but no so much this time.  But regardless of that one dish, I would definitely go back here.  Plus next to this restaurant are quite a few others on my list of must try spots in Durham.  Good thing I have another trip planned in before the end of the year!
img_8720 img_8721 img_8722

My colleague told me if I wanted something relatively close to the hotel and office but not quite downtown, go hear.  I was glad I did.  Quiet crowd but tables were full.  Smaller menu but plenty of options.  Sake, Agadashi Tofu and a Scary Jerry Roll…I will be back!

img_8704 img_8705 img_8708

The Wandering Moose – Food Truck
One of the great things about our North Carolina office is that the food trucks come every Wednesday.  I can eat a great meal while still being productive or meeting with other managers or team members.  Wandering moose had this amazing sandwich – Black Angus Brisket Sandwich(i got it with no blue) that was SO messy but so worth it. Plus mac and cheese with bacon.  YES!
img_8714 img_8717 .  img_8716

I love French food, don’t mind the richness and wish I could have it more often.  And when I travel, I look for great French restaurants because I don’t get to treat myself at home too often.  Coquette has a convenient location and I enjoyed escargot and mussels.  I hear there are two other french spots I need to try…..
img_8698       img_8699

Aladdin’s Eatery Raleigh
I needed something quick and something to fill me up for the day.  Hummus Shawarma Plate- perfect amount.  Located in the Briar Creek area, it is super convenient to eat or pick up.


Fresh. Local Ice Cream
Because on a business trip, you get to treat yourself with ice cream!

img_8712 img_8713

On the Road Eats: Raleigh/Durham

I have something to share with you.  

I made it to Raleigh again .  And with no delays.  Time to grab a quick lunch – this is going to be a long day.

OpenTable does not usually steer me wrong.  An was close to the airport.  And when I saw it listed as one of the gold finalists in The News & Observer’s list of the Top Restaurants of 2015, I decided to try it.  Contemporary Asian.  I ordered the Sea Bass Satay with a salad to start.  Delicious.

IMG_7539 IMG_7540

The Pit Durham
Tonight I try true North Carolina BBQ at the very famous Pit.  I decided to drive to Durham rather than Raleigh due to traffic.  Glad I did.  I got right in and had the most delicious meal.  The waiter recommended a few different things and I left full and happy!

IMG_7543 IMG_7544

Angus Barn
I had no energy to go downtown for dinner on my second night.  I wanted something super close to the hotel and the office.  I had heard about Angus Barn and numerous people recommended I stop in to the bar for dinner.  What a scene!  The people watching was great, the music was great and yes, the food was great!

IMG_7552 IMG_7550

On the Road Eats: Raleigh/Durham

I have something to share with you.  

Now that I have settled into my new job, I have been visiting Raleigh a lot more often. Here are the spots I visited during this trip!

I have waited to try this spot for weeks.  On my last trip I landed after 10pm so no dinner for me.  This time I finished work around 6pm and headed downtown for dinner.  I was told by all my colleagues how I had to try the very addictive macaroni and cheese.  They were right!  I started with an amazing beet salad, attempted to finish the huge dish of Mac n’ cheese with no success but left very happy!


I decided to ask the bartender at Poole’s if I should eat dessert there or walk to Beasley’s, another AC restaurant.  He suggested a short walk for a great piece of cheesecake.  Not only was it great but I will return to try the chicken and waffles!

Bo’s Kitchen – Korean Street Food
I love food trucks.  They are super convenient when work is too hectic to get in the car and they offer amazing food.  Plus, if I am hungry enough, I can sample something from a few different trucks.  This time I stopped by the Korean street food truck and loved it. I tried All about BO – Mandu, Meat, and Rice in one plate.  Hope they are by the office again soon. Those korean dumplings are great!!


A new italian spot opened near our office.  Nothing fancy.  Choose your pasta, sauce and toppings at the counter and your meal is ready.  I am a bit picky when it comes to italian but for something fast, convenient, inexpensive and oh yeah, not a national chain, this works!


I have learned over the years to eat breakfast while on the road.  And Rise was on the way from my hotel to the office.  Chicken biscuit and a potato cake!!  Awesome food and quite convenient!  Next time I’ll try the donuts!


On the Road Eats: Raleigh/Durham

I have something to share with you.  

Business trip.  Delays by the airline.  Change the schedule.  Exhausted.   Had a list of great restaurants to try from chowhound…and missed them all

Champa Thai & Suimageshi Restaurant
I had 20 minutes to eat and get to the office.  There was a large shopping center nearby and I recognized one of the names from a list of colleague gave me.  Fast – yes.  Not busy – now I know why.  I ordered the Pad Thai…easy, hope they don’t mess it up.  Well, no flavor. Bland.  Strike 1.

Margaux’s Restaurant
By the time I finished at the office I was exhausted from my 7am flight(no wait- 2 hour delayed flight) into town so I picked the place that was only 10 minutes away.  I will admit I did enjoy my meal but I wanted to try some of the chowhound spots.  Didn’t happen but this was a good alternative.  They offered a three course meal that let me try a few things…crab cake, Seared Scallops with polenta, wilted spinach & balsamic bbq sauce and the Profiterole with chocolate sauce & toasted almonds(the bartender said I must try it!)
image image image

Johnson Family Barbecue
I had to try NC barbecue. I live in Texas, have been to St. Louis and Kansas City and was super excited to try this North Carolina BBQ. We drove to this tiny restaurant next to a gas station and ate outside on picnic tables.  Although this was not the best brisket I have had, the pulled pork was great and I did enjoy the flavors.  Next time I am off to The Pit!!!

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