On the Road Eats: Raleigh/Durham

I have something to share with you.  

Business trip.  Delays by the airline.  Change the schedule.  Exhausted.   Had a list of great restaurants to try from chowhound…and missed them all

Champa Thai & Suimageshi Restaurant
I had 20 minutes to eat and get to the office.  There was a large shopping center nearby and I recognized one of the names from a list of colleague gave me.  Fast – yes.  Not busy – now I know why.  I ordered the Pad Thai…easy, hope they don’t mess it up.  Well, no flavor. Bland.  Strike 1.

Margaux’s Restaurant
By the time I finished at the office I was exhausted from my 7am flight(no wait- 2 hour delayed flight) into town so I picked the place that was only 10 minutes away.  I will admit I did enjoy my meal but I wanted to try some of the chowhound spots.  Didn’t happen but this was a good alternative.  They offered a three course meal that let me try a few things…crab cake, Seared Scallops with polenta, wilted spinach & balsamic bbq sauce and the Profiterole with chocolate sauce & toasted almonds(the bartender said I must try it!)
image image image

Johnson Family Barbecue
I had to try NC barbecue. I live in Texas, have been to St. Louis and Kansas City and was super excited to try this North Carolina BBQ. We drove to this tiny restaurant next to a gas station and ate outside on picnic tables.  Although this was not the best brisket I have had, the pulled pork was great and I did enjoy the flavors.  Next time I am off to The Pit!!!

image image

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