I’m Trying to Stay Straight!

I have something to share with you.

straightsprayI let my hair air dry the other night and WOW….it was scary looking.  It was poofy and wavy and well….out of control.  Not a chance I could show my face with my hair this BIG so I grabbed my flat-iron, my clips and my special spray and 20 minutes later, I was straight again.
I have been using Ever Straight – Brazilian Keratin Therapy Flat Iron Spray by OGX for years and it has always been my go to.  I still use my Kerastase after I wash my hair but I use this when I am ready to use my flat-iron.  I have tried a bunch of other sprays but with my coarse and unruly hair, this works best.  My hair doesn’t get weighed down by the product, it smells great, doesn’t get greasy AND it keeps my hair straight for more than two days.  Plus, the price is great… Now I can have straight hair at an affordable price in under 30 minutes!





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