Surprise Mommy-Daughter Dates

I have something to share with you.

I love Pinterest.  And when I find something really special, I don’t feel bad about all the time I spend searching for new and fun ideas.  I found a pin on Mommy-Daughter dates and thought what a great idea.  Yes, I spend a lot of time with my daughter but during the week it feels like I am running a marathon with her between 6pm pickup and 8pm bedime.  And on the weekends it is doing errands, rushing to activities and eventually ending up at the food store.  I wanted QUALITY TIME and this pin got me thinking.

Create an envelope for every month with a special “date” planned inside.  You open the envelope at the beginning of the month and decide which day that month will be your “date”.  I headed to Michael’s, picked out labels and pretty paper and envelopes and got started.  First I told my daughter my plan and asked her to help me come up with the dates.  Her ideas:  mani/pedi, art class, paint pottery and Dave & Buster’s.  My ideas:  see a show/play/musical, afternoon tea, ice cream party and lunch at the American Girl Store(really her idea but she didn’t mention it during this conversation). We came up with a few more and then I wrote down each “date” on a colored card and sealed it in an envelope.  Last, I shuffled the envelopes and then I attached a label and filled in the month.

image imageOctober is a few short weeks away and I have no idea what is in the envelope but I know it will be a special day for me and my daughter!

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