On the Road Eats: Washington D.C.

I have something to share with you.

Every spring I take a trip to Washington DC for a conference.  And every year I try to try some new spots based on Eater and Chowhound recommendations.  This year I grabbed a quick bite at the airport, then decided to try one new place and return to an old favorite.

I love a chef tasting menu but when you are with a group of 10, sometimes it doesn’t work out so well.  People has such varied tastes and you never know if all the menu items will be a good fit.  But everyone was up for the “experience” even though there were a few folks hesitant to try all of the dishes.  We opted for The Jaleo Experience, a tour of Spain with Jaleo’s favorite traditional and modern tapas and after 11 courses(here’s a few:  Cono de atún, Cebolla asada con queso Valdeón, Empedrat de mongetes, Endibias con queso de cabra y naranjas, Calamares en su tinta, Espinacas a la catalana, Ibérico de bellota mini hamburguesas, Croquetas de pollo) and 4 dessert options, we were a happy bunch!

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Lost Society
I got carded walking into the restaurant.  I’m 40 but was flattered to show ID.  Then they explained this was really a bar but they had a restaurant and wanted to make sure everyone was of legal age.  Once inside we were seated but service was SLOW.  I finally had to speak up and things got back on track.  We ordered quite a few appetizers – the crispy pork belly, fried alligator and waffles, bruschetta, brussel sprouts and gnocchi. Majority of us ordered the filet and then finished with a few desserts, bread pudding being one of them.  The meal was good….but the loud “bar” atmosphere was not exactly the best compliment to my meal. Glad I had a great group of people with me to enjoy my evening!
image image image

Legal Sea Foods(at DCA)
imageSometimes you just have to eat at the airport and if I don’t get my upgrade, I always miss lunch going east.  Legal is the perfect place to grab a bite(unless you want something less expensive and much faster) and they have two of my favorites – the crab roll and clam roll(whole bellied clams!).  I decided to opt for the non-fried and go with the crab roll, even though yes, I sneaked a few fries with the sandwich.  Yum!

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