My Favorite Things: Houston’s

I have something to share with you.

If you have read my other posts, I think you know I am not really a fan of national chain restaurants.  The menu may be designed by chefs but on any given night, they do not have the freedom to create.  But there is one exception to my “national” chain rule and they have lots of options due to having many different restaurants in various parts of the country.  Houston’s is the exception.  I love that anytime I visit Houston’s, both the service and the food are consistently fantastic. I have my favorites when I visit, it just depends on the mood I am in.  Crab Cakes, the Ahi Tuna(either the entrée or the salad), the ribs, the grilled artichoke…….I could go on.  And my husband loves their food and he’s happy to sit at the bar and have a small bite at the end of a night if we are not ready to go home.  It’s even kid-friendly.

image image image

I think to a recent visit for my husband’s birthday.  They brought out the apple dessert with one candle.  No singing(my husband is not a fan), no big group of people, just a candle and a quick Happy Birthday and we were left to enjoy.  I don’t think I have ever left this restaurant disappointed.  Now if only I could get a peek of their spinach dip recipe, I would be the happiest lady in town!

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