On the Road Eats: Kansas City

I have something to share with you.

A quick overnight trip to Kansas City and this time I was traveling with a colleague.  This was her first trip here so she definitely wanted to try some KC BBQ.  Our client suggested Jack Stack and I came up with one of my favorites for dinner.

Cleaver and Cork
I had high expectations for this spot and unfortunately I was not overly excited about my meal.  My client and I both order the pork shoulder and agreed it was just ok.  It was very fatty and the best part of the meal was the cornbread.  I hear their sandwich shop Pigwich is awesome….may have to opt for that next time.

image image

Bluestem – the bar
Bluestem offers a great fixed price meal and I love that you get the option of how many courses you would like to try.  But, I have never dined in the restaurant side, only the bar.  Since I am on per diem when I travel, sometimes I opt for a great restaurant and visit during happy hour so I can try the food and save some money.  Bluestem’s bar has a fantastic menu with small plates, larger plates and desserts.  My colleague and I decided to share the hamachi appetizer and the beef tartare, then we each order the hanger steak and then finished the meal with the donuts, the pumpkin spice cake and the pumpkin sticky cake.  With that much food, I didn’t think I would eat at all the next day(but of course I did!).  If you are headed to KC, definitely stop by the bar and have a great meal!

image image image image image image

The Classic Cup
IMG_4919I tried the Classic Cup during my first visit to Kansas City, long before I realized that I should be focusing more on the restaurants in various cities than the shopping(every city has Ann Taylor).  We arrived around 8am and the restaurant was almost full.  We had a full hour to eat and prep for our meeting and both ordered the veggie omelette.   Definitely a cute breakfast spot, food was good and it was super convenient.

Gram & Dun
The bbq meal got nixed but we ended up at a great local spot for a very enjoyable meal. I decided to eat a bit healthier since I had enjoyed such a big meal the night before. And brussel sprouts were on the menu so I had them two ways.  The first was in a salad, the second as a side dish. I once heard someone say that a menu is simply a list of ingredients that a diner can choose from. While I do not agree with that statement, I did ask them to make a small change to the salad I ordered. I ended up with something fabulous- kale, shaved brussel sprouts, fresh mozzarella, sunflower seeds, cranberries, and a great creamy dressing. Then I ordered the creamed brussel sprouts for the table after my client told me how great they were!  At the end of the meal they deliver the check in a book and you are more than welcome to write a message in it.  I chose to write two quotes that I saved on Pinterest!   If looking for a great spot in the plaza with a reasonable price point, this is it!

IMG_4920 IMG_4921

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