All About Us…


me-bkI’m a 40-something MOM and Wife.   A total TypeA.  Oh, and I am a Chef-wannabe, that’s the reason for all the restaurant posts.

She is a nine year old girl who can always be found testing limits and making me smile – the best gift I ever received.  She is funny, loves to read and can always make us laugh.

I decided to start a blog a while back.  What I really needed was all my friends in a room to ask for advice and recommendations but that is not reality.  We are all just too busy. So when a friend suggested I post all the great things we discuss, I created Something To Share With You.  My daughter decided that she wants to be part of it!

Thanks for letting us share with you!  Don’t forget to click below to share with someone else!


One thought on “All About Us…

  1. Your website is amazing, friend! I love seeing how you can keep track of everything and all your travels. I wish I had kept track of my travels as I can never remember where I ate or what was my favorite meal in a certain city. Now- I don’t have to worry about it- I can just go to your blog! Thank you!!! And love your ideas for the “mother-daughter” dates. What a special treat for daughter AND you!!!!!


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