While we are at Home…

The world has changed.  We now work from home.  We are helping our teachers with online learning.  We stay busy by doing puzzles, cooking, and eating too much, cleaning and sanitizing, constantly washing our hands and moisturizing with the last drops of all of our Bath and Body Works sanitizers and lotions.  Hopefully we are also getting some fresh air, have zoom and video chats with friends and family and most importantly, keeping our sanity and practicing patience as we STAY HOME to STAY SAFE.

Download the following doc to save to your computer for some activities!

While we are at home

Some additional ideas:

  • Let your child FaceTime with a friend during lunch
  • Gather 4-5 girlfriends after the kids are in bed for a Zoom Moms Night In!
  • Have a “let the stress out” time during the day where you can have 5 minutes to scream, cuss, dance, etc.  Just be respectful of your neighbors!!

Please stay safe.