On the Road Eats: South of Houston

I have something to share with you.

I drove to Galveston once to go on a cruise.  We stopped at a buffet that my husband heard about for true southern cooking.  I am not a fan of buffets(seen too many people take food and then change their mind and put it back) but I took one for the team.  On this trip, I was headed to a meeting in League City and asked people on Chowhound where to eat during my trip(no buffets for me!)

Nobi Public House


According to one Chowhounder, he loves the noodles and his daughter loves the bahn mi.  I love asian food so I knew I must try this spot.  The gentleman at the table  next to me said i MUST order my dish with a fried egg.  Vermicelli(room temperature) with grilled pork, fried egg, nuts, and an egg roll.  They had dozens of craft beers on tap and if it had been after working hours, I may have indulged in a blonde ale.  This is a solid spot to try if down in the Webster area!

Perry’s Steakhouse & Grill
Perry’s is here in Dallas but for some reason I have never been there.  I have been to Nick & Sam’s, Pappas, The Palm, Eddie V’s, Bob’s, Al Biernat’s…..but never Perry’s. So I decided to visit Perry’s in Clear Lake for an early dinner in their bar.  This was the original Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille which opened in 1993 after adding tables at the Perry family’s meat market proved successful.  The bar has a great social hour menu and I didn’t want anything too heavy since I still needed to head back to Hobby for my flight.  I started with the tenderloin sliders with onions and mushrooms(no cheese for me) and sweet potato fries, then ended with the white chocolate cheesecake with a blueberry compote. Perfect amount of food, especially after the lunch I had at Nobi and it was a straight shot to the airport.   And yes, I will be going to Perry’s in Dallas for a great steak dinner with my husband.  The service was excellent, the atmosphere(in the bar) was mellow(exactly what I needed after a long day of travel with one flight to go) and quite a few menu items, specifically the filet with creamed spinach and lobster mac and cheese, are calling my name!

image image

The Clotheshorse Boutique
A clothing boutique on Main Street in League City, they offer clothing, shoes and numerous gift items…..Great selection of Kendra Scott!

Unexpected Interiors
Had a couple hours to kill before a meeting and lunch.  I found Unexpected Interiors on Main Street in League City and they had gifts, art and jewelry.  I think there is a reason my husband doesn’t like when I have any time to spare on a business trip…I shop.  Check out the new wrap bracelet I found!

ISO Fashion Help!

Woman-in-ClosetI have something to share with you.

I spend so much time looking at fashion magazines. But all of that “education” still doesn’t help me.  There are times that I want to sit in my closet and cry.  I have a challenge when it comes to fashion.  For those that know me, I am usually wearing black pants Or jeans and a top. The top is probably black or gray. Possibly a color, rarely a pattern.  I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses and a strong fashion sense definitely falls under the weakness column.

And this brings me to the topic at hand….I need a closet organizer.  Not a system to keep my colors sorted or my suits all together(it’s pretty organized already), but a person that can come to my home, look at all of the pieces in my closet, let me know what to keep, what staple items I need to buy, what pieces are so outdated that I need to throw them away, what to donate and provide some suggestions for what pieces can be paired together for a great outfit.

So I am asking you…..do you have any suggestions for me?  Know anyone in Dallas that can help me out??



How I build my Daughter’s wardrobe

I have something to share with you.

I absolutely love buying my daughter clothes. I will be at the mall shopping for myself and always end up shopping for her. Some of my favorite places: Nordstrom, GAP Kids, Crewcuts, H & M and Naartjie (which is closing so they have awesome sales going on right now).

What I don’t love is trying to convince her to pick out clothes, try them on and repeat in 3-5 different stores. Everything she picks has a princess. All of the outfits are pink. Then she gets “too tired” and asking her to stand up straight becomes the hardest chore in the world.  After two stores, both of us have lost our patience and what started as a “fun” idea turns into a pretty miserable day.

Enter the iPad. I often shop online knowing I can just return what doesn’t fit.
Why the heck did I not think of this for her?

hmtabletMake shopping fun for kids.  She loves the iPad and I love the control.  I can filter by outfit type, by size and even by color and have her choose the items she wants. They ship to my house, we try on (over a period of days) and then I return the items that don’t fit her. She is happy, I am happy and we have clothes in our closet for the upcoming season.

Plus, the other added benefit – Login to the Marriott or American Airlines shopping sites prior to “shopping” and receive points for your purchases!

My Favorite Organizational Tool

I have something to share with you!

I’m a mom.  I’m a wife.  And, I have a full time job.  I’ll also add that my job does require travel so I spend quite a bit of time in other cities in the central part of the country.  Trying to keep up with all the to-do’s in my life has been a challenge and I credit a website I found for keeping me organized.

MommyTracked – ever heard of it?  They have these great downloadable “forms” to keep me on track.  I can print out my shopping list with a menu(The “Eat” Sheet), a to-do list for both work and home(The Balance Sheet), the Week at a glance(which is perfect for leaving my husband a list of what is going on during the days I am away), and my favorite, the Master Checklist.



I know there are numerous apps out there for my iPhone but for some reason I get more satisfaction crossing off an item on the list than I do with just marking it completed on my device!