On the Road Eats: San Antonio

I have something to share with you.

I had a day trip and I knew after arriving at Love Field that I needed to eat when I got to San Antonio.  I had a flight home after lunch but something told me that this meeting would run right up to the time I needed to be back at the airport.

Thank you Eater- I found Fairview coffee about ten minutes from my appointment.  A great cup of coffee and a perfect piece of avocado toast with tomato!  Kept me going till 4pm when I landed in Dallas.

On the Road Eats: Dallas to San Antonio Road Trip and Vacation

I have something to share with you.

Towards the end of the summer, we always have one week between the end of camp and the beginning of school.  And there are two options:  I take time off work and stay home with my daughter and plan some fun activities OR we leave town and have a short family vacation.  My vote:  family trip so we headed to the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort for 5 days.

Czech Stop
imageNo drive from Dallas to Austin/San Antonio would be complete without a stop in West for kolaches. I have my one cup of coffee before we leave the house and wait patiently to arrive in West. And I splurge, just a little bit.  I order two sausage kolaches and one sausage and cheese kolache.  When I moved to Texas, I could not even pronounce the word and the only place I ever have them is when I drive from Dallas south on 35.

JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa
We arrived early afternoon and did a mobile check in while en route.  The resort is north of the city and an easy drive from Dallas as long as you miss traffic.  There is always the option of stopping at the San Marcos outlets if you need to kill time heading to or from San Antonio but my husband said no – we are headed right to the pool.  It was packed when we arrived but keep in mind, it was the last week before school started.  Over the next few days, it cleared out and we had a great time relaxing in the lazy river, riding the slides, and spending time as a family.  They also have special kid activities(some free, others paid) that are super fun.  We did the painting activity(paid) and each took home a piece of art!

Cibolo Moon
Open for all three meals and offering buffets, we came here for three meals.  Two breakfasts and one dinner.  Dinner started with wonderful biscuits and homemade jelly, then we tried the chili and of course, shrimp and grits!  Super delicious.  Breakfast was also good but I recommend you use OpenTable to reserve a time.  It can get pretty busy!

image image image

Crooked Branch
We were with a group of people so everyone had dinner at the sports bar but me.  I wanted to see what the options were at the lobby bar and all the moms were going to get together for a drink that night.  Flatbreads, grilled cheese, tacos…standard small plates.  
image image

18 Oaks
Our server was amazing for dinner so we came back for breakfast the next day.  At dinner we ordered a couple appetizers and shared a steak.  With the steak came a knife presentation.  They start the meal with homemade jerky, then my husband had the french onion soup and I had the Heirloom Tomato & Fresh Ricotta salad.  Dinner was a bone-in ribeye, creamed spinach and duck fat fries. My daughter ordered the caesar salad and loved it.


For breakfast we had Cinnamon Sugar French Toast and Blueberry Pancakes.  Delicious.

image image

High Velocity
imageThe kids loved this spot.  Not because of the food but because of the tv’s.  Typical bar food, tried some nachos.  My husband had a sandwich.  It’s an easy spot to hit on the way back from the pool if the kids are hungry and you don’t want a full “dinner experience”.  And no reservations, so keep an eye on when they start getting full during busier times.

Megg’s Cafe
Last time we drove from Austin to Dallas, we stopped in Temple and ate at Wes’s Burger Shack.  This time I wanted to try something new and found Megg’s.  The menu was great – appetizers options that made it hard to choose, a variety of sandwiches and per my daughter, the best caesar salad EVER.  We started with the deviled eggs and wished we had ordered more.  We also had the brussel sprouts and they were fantastic.  The pork torta was ordered by both me and my husband and even though I cannot say it was fabulous, it was good!!  The breakfast menu looked great and they have a bakery by the front which is where we stopped to bring home some goodies for breakfast in the morning!

image image image image image

On the Road Eats: San Antonio

I have something to share with you.

I attended a conference in San Antonio last week so I asked Chowhound where to eat. The two top spots on my list were Cured and Bliss and chowhounds agreed with my choices.  I also found a spot near my hotel for breakfast and recommend it for those staying near the convention center.

I have been to the Pearl during prior visits to San Antonio but it has been a while.  It’s a great area with a bunch of restaurants and shops about a 5 minute cab ride from the convention center area.  I knew I wanted to try Cured.  I see friends post on Facebook, I see reviews on various food websites, and the menu looked great.  We started with pork cheeks poutine(AWESOME! – nothing better than fries, gravy, cheese and swine), then the charcuterie board with mortadella, pork belly and pickled vegetables,  the beet salad and the white asparagus salad, the wagyu beef tartare and then finished with the beer can mussels.  It was a laid back atmosphere, we had great service and for those that live there, they have a brunch menu that is extremely tempting.

image image image image image image

Earlier this year I asked a client to send me recommendations for dining in San Antonio. The list included Feast, Hot Joy, and B&D Ice House.  But she added Bliss to the list – recommended by a gentleman we work with who is a big foodie.  With his endorsement, I knew I had to get a reservation for my trip.  I started with japanese hamachi sashimi tostadas, then the George’s Bank sea scallops over pepperjack-white cheddar Anson Mills grits for my entrée.  It was fantastic.  Others tried the duck and the tenderloin and said they were fabulous too.  Of course we had dessert-  my choice being the pot de creme and a decaf cappuccino.  Next time you are planning to be in San Antonio, get a reservation at Bliss.

IMG_1844 IMG_1846 IMG_1849

I need breakfast when I am on the road. I never know if an appointment will run over and cause me to miss lunch. And it is a good thing I made the quick 5 minute walk over to Schilo’s because I was on the trade show floor and never had lunch.  I asked the server what they are known for and of course she said the potato pancakes and homemade applesauce.  So I ordered coffee, eggs, bacon and the potato pancakes…..if you are staying near the convention center and want a non-hotel breakfast, stop by!
image image image

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On the Road Eats: San Antonio

I have something to share with you.

I have been to San Antonio quite a few times, mostly for work but once for vacation (easy trip to visit Sea World!).  I usually check out Texas Monthly and the San Antonio magazines for recommendations on restaurants along with Chowhound.  Prior to this trip, a client sent me a list of recommendations from a “foodie” friend of hers.  I was only there for one night and unfortunately never made it out for dinner.  But, below are two great spots for breakfast and lunch!

Magnolia Pancake Haus

I was a bit concerned that this restaurant would be like an IHOP or chain breakfast spot but I was pleasantly surprised.  I asked the server about a few things on the menu and she shared with me a few reasons why this was a “different” kind of breakfast place – they cure from scratch Black Angus brisket for the Corned Beef Hash, use unbleached and untreated flour in the Buttermilk pancakes, and make the Magnolia Pancake Syrup from pure cane sugar.  I decided since I skipped dinner the night before that this was a great time to splurge on calories and try a bunch of items.  I chose the Corned Beef Hash – house made corned beef mixed with fresh shredded spuds, onion and a hint of garlic, topped with two egg whites.  Also ordered a couple buttermilk pancakes and some bacon. Yes, I was hungry but I wanted to try it all!  And what I now know is I will be back for breakfast the next time I am in town if my hotel is close by!

imageCorned Beef Hash with Pancakes

Hot Joy
Earlier this year, Bon Appétit magazine named Hot Joy No. 7 in the country.  I was downtown for meetings so it was a five minute drive and well worth it.  I had read about the crab fat caramel chicken wings and even though chicken wings are normally not on the list for lunch, I decided that I must try them.  Besides, I was not dining with a client so it was ok to get messy just this once.  Along with the wings, I ordered a side of rice as I read the sauce was fabulous.  Well worth it? YES!  A bit messy?  YES!  Hoping I can go back next time for dinner and try some of the other fabulous items on the menu!