Mom – what should I wear?

I have something to share with you.

  1. Homework finished 
  2. Lunch is packed.
  3. The alarm is set.
  4. Clothes are laid out for the morning

Well, 3 out of 4 is pretty good, right?

Before I leave town for a trip, I lay out my daughter’s school clothes for the days I am gone.  But if I am home, my daughter doesn’t always put together the most appropriate outfits if she wakes up early and gets dressed on her own.  By inappropriate I don’t mean, INAPPROPRIATE like that, but sweaters in the summer and fancy dresses on P.E. day just don’t work.  Time to get into both of us into a routine now that school is back in session.  So how can I make getting dressed fun(and easy) for my daughter and include a trip to the Container Store for me, one of my favorite places?

imageTime to hit Pinterest and find some ideas!  The end result – a canvas hanging bag with 6 different compartments, one for each day of the school week plus one extra compartment for her clothes for soccer practice or cheerleading!  The fun part – I searched for day of the week labels(again on Pinterest), printed them, cut them and used hot pink tape to secure them in place.  I even bought a second hanging bag to keep all of her sandals and sneakers in so they are “fun” to put away.

Now, my daughter (and my husband) always know what she is wearing to school whether I am home or on the road.  Now if only I could find someone to style me every day!


The Antiquated Address Book

I have something to share with you.

It’s holiday time which means family, lots of food and holiday cards.  image_rolodex1I had a good laugh recently when one of my most “has-it-together” girlfriends told me she has her addresses in numerous spots – in her email, in a paper address book and a few scribbled down in other places.  I was SHOCKED!  I shared with her how I updated all of my contacts last year when I bought my new computer.  I keep all my addresses online tied to my Gmail account so all I have to do is select the group of people who will receive a card, export the list to a CSV file and now I am ready to merge with my mailing label template. The last step? Beg my husband to help me label, stamp and seal the envelopes!

Her reply – it will take forever to get all the addresses online.  She is absolutely correct IF she was going to type them all. So what is the easiest way for her to get the addresses into an online account? Well, the quickest way is if you already have everyone’s email address, send out a bulk email asking everyone to send their most updated contact information back to you so you may update your address book.  Then when they respond, use your mobile device to simply click the info and choose save to new or existing contact. Now you have all the contact information online without having to do all of the typing! So next year when you need to send holiday cards, birthday party invites or happen to stop by someone’s home for a special visit, you have their address easily accessible and even navigation ready!

My Favorite Things- The Container Store

I have something to share with you.

imageThere is a feeling that comes over me when I walk into The Container Store.  I almost feel accomplishment before I have even purchased anything since I know there will be at least one thing in my life that will be easier now that it is organized.  I get this goofy smile on my face and feel like a kid in a candy shop, walking around thinking about how organized my closet, my daughter’s toy area, the mudroom and the kitchen will be if I just spend some time exploring the whole store.  The associates are so helpful and they come up with some great ideas!

I recently posted our newly organized Lego Friends and Rainbow Loom bands.  This was a fun project with my daughter because she loved The Container Store.  My last three projects for the adult part of the house were our bathroom medicine cabinet, a small section of my closet and the top shelf of the pantry.

The medicine area looked like the shelf in the grocery store with the most random of stuff on sale all thrown together – it needed a lot of help. I took an inventory – we have medication for headaches, cramps, stomach issues, allergies, sinus and of course, kid friendly medications too. And then there was all the stuff that was expired. And all the half full boxes of bandaids and ointments.   I bought 5 plastic containers to organize the medicine area after throwing out the bad stuff:  one container for anything safe for my daughter, one for allergy and sinus medicine, one for stomach issues, one for band aids and ointments and the last for headaches and the flu.  Now all I need to do is grab the container and find what I need rather than searching through bottles and bottles of everything.


In the master closet, I have shelves above the hanging area and I try to keep my handbags organized.  But I didn’t want to stack the small bags since they are too hard to get to so I bought some shelf separators and instantly it was so much easier to access and more visually pleasing to the eye!


The pantry was the easiest.  We just had an overflow of chips and since the chip shelf pantry is high up, we couldn’t see what we had.  I had 4 bags of tortilla chips and all of them were stale.  Now, we can just pull out the bin and choose what we want!

My next project is my daughter’s closet.  Add some color and keep it fun for her….any ideas before I head off to my favorite store??



Rain = Organize

I have something to share with you.

It was a rainy day in Dallas on Sunday and my husband was home sick.  My five year old suggested two activities… board games(great idea!) or watch tv all afternoon(not my favorite idea).  I also had a huge to-do list – wrap presents, do laundry, clean up the toy area(wait – that should be her job!) and then I came up with my own great idea.

Time to teach my daughter about the exciting world of ORGANIZATION!

We have toys(everywhere), books in every room, crayons scattered about her play area and we haven’t even mentioned the legos, loom rubber bands and perler beads that I find through the house.

A quick trip to one of my favorite places(you will read about that soon) and now both me and my daughter were smiling!

image imageimage

First task was to organize the Legos.  Lego Friends are one of our favorite toys and we have 5 or 6 different “projects”.  We sorted the pieces based on the instruction book, and then used our new purchase to organize each one.  Now when we want to play, we just need to grab a colored bin and we have the instruction book and all the pieces we need!

The second task was those rubber bands for the Rainbow Loom.  I find them in my closet, her bedroom, the office…..they are everywhere.  With this great storage case, we can fit the loom, the directions and all of our rubber bands(sorted by color of course) and the plastic connectors in one place.  Plus, she can grab the handle and bring it anywhere!

image image

I’ll be headed back to my favorite spot soon…..I wonder what the next project is!