My 15 Favorites of 2015

I have something to share with you.

Happy New Year!  It’s been a fun year with over 130 new posts on Something to Share with You, the chance to “explore” 23 different cities and too many amazing meals to count.  Here are my 15 favorites from 2015.

Kid Friendly:

  • Surprise Mommy-Daughter Dates
    My favorite post of the entire year since I get to plan a surprise date with my daughter every month!  I hope you read this post and plan some fun dates with your kids!!

Beauty and Fashion:


  • The Starbucks app
    Easiest way to pay for bottled water, snacks and oh yeah, coffee at the airport!

Just Because:

  • A Treat for the Feet:  Snoozies Slippers
    These are on my feet from the minute I get home till I get in bed!
  • Have time to read?  Liane Moriarty
    Download some books and find some time to read! Great for shorter flights!

Foodies: Recipes & Stuff:

On the Road Eats:


  • Favorite Lunch- Peska in Houston
    $25 for an appetizer, soup or salad and an entrée.  Try the mexican shrimp cocktail and the Fideo Seco(mexican pasta in a light sauce with calamari, shrimp, clams and mussels).


Hope you enjoyed this short trip back through 2015!  Looking forward to great new favorites this year!


My Favorite Things: Oregon Chai

I have something to share with you​.

I must have a cup of coffee in the morning.  But just one.  And before 10am.  Any more than that and I feel “off” for the rest of the day.  Any later than that and I won’t fall asleep at a decent hour.  I am super caffeine sensitive.

But sometimes in the middle of a summer day, I want something delicious and cold or on a cold winter night, I want something warm and comforting.  I am happy to report I found the perfect drink!

I found Oregon Chai concentrate when I lived in Atlanta at Harry’s Farmers Market(later acquired by Whole Foods).  After moving to Dallas, I bought it at Central Market, Tom Thumb and Whole Foods but finding the decaffeinated package was tough.  During a random shopping trip, I saw it at a Walmart SuperCenter when getting K-cups for my Kuerig.  I was happy again!

Oregon Chai is a tea concentrate that you mix with milk(I use Lactaid) and serve warm or over ice.  It’s delicious and they have numerous options- vanilla, slightly sweet, decaf, spiced, sugar-free and the newest, salted caramel.  You can buy them on Amazon in larger quantities or at your local food store and I often recommend it to friends that I know like tea(my colorist just bought her second box of six containers from Amazon).  They also have a powder mix, single serve options(K cups) and tea bags.  And their website offers numerous recipe options like Oregon Chai Sorbet(on my list to try- looks super easy!). So on your next shopping trip, pick up a box of this to satisfy your next craving for a frappuccino type drink or something warm in the evening.