On the Road Eats: Park City, Utah

I have something to share with you.

Another awesome trip to Park City, Utah. The highlights- my daughter skied her first black, we all enjoyed the Olympic Park ropes course, zip line and 65 foot free fall and of course the food!

Hotel Park City, the Autograph Collection
Marriott has some great properties and I noticed that this was an all-suites hotel with a spa. Perfect! Every morning and afternoon they offered shuttle service to the mountain AND would drive you to town or dinner at night.  Plus there was a breakfast buffet every day!

Now for the restaurants –

Loved the atmosphere. Walk in, down the stairs and our table was ready (Thank you OpenTable!)  My daughter had a direct view of the sushi bar from where we sat so she was happy.   We ordered sake and some sushi, a couple appetizers and the black cod. Loved this spot!

Sammy’s Bistro:
Sometimes I will check the foodtv websites to see what restaurants the celeb chefs have profiled on their shows.  I found one for Park City and the whole family enjoyed it.  It was super casual(needed after skiing) and had a line out the door.  We even tried the “Chivito” Club Sandwich that was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives and it was really good!  Need super casual and kid friendly with a great price point – THIS is your spot!

Blind Dog Restaurant & Sushi:
I did some google searches and found The Female Foodie.  I had been to a bunch of spots that she recommended in Park City but this one was new to me.  This spot is closer to the Marriott rather than on Main Street. We enjoyed another dinner and loved the quotes all along the restaurant wall.

A seafood shack in Park City – ok, we are headed to the tubing spot close by so let’s try it!

Buona Vita:
We decided to try an Italian spot although our first choice was not open on Mondays. Although I was not a fan of what I ordered (too much bacon in the pasta with clam sauce- strange, right?), my husband said his Alfredo was good. And of course my daughter loved her spaghetti and meatballs.

Pasta with Clams (and Bacon)
Pasta with Clams (and Bacon)

Java Cow:
After a full Italian meal you head north on Main Street to get ice cream. Sorbet for me, ice cream for them, we were all happy.

Java Cow Sorbet
Java Cow Sorbet

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse:
Yes, if you live in a major city you can dine at Ruth’s Chris but sometimes after a full day of skiing you are just too damn tired to leave the hotel. So, an elevator ride away we dined on French onion soup, bone in ribeyes with creamed spinach and sautéed mushrooms, splurged on a very rich lobster Mac and cheese and finished with Creme Brûlée to share. Time for bed!

Last night of the trip and we were celebrating my birthday so I chose Fletcher’s.  I did try a few new things although stuck with the same biscuits, salad, and dessert that I loved from the last trip!

Let me know if I should add another spot to my list for the next trip!

On the Road Eats: South Bend, Indiana

I have something to share with you.

It’s been a long time since I posted and after dining in South Bend, I realized I needed to start sharing again!

I flew from DFW to Fort Wayne, rented a car and headed to South Bend. If I had had a little extra time I would have stopped at one of the many cute boutiques in FW so hopefully next time I can make that happen. The drive was pretty easy and in less than two hours I was checking into the Aloft South Bend.

Aloft South Bend
The Aloft is a newer hotel and located downtown. Parking was in the building and the staff was great during check in. There is a bar, a few social areas and a spot for breakfast. Plus you can walk to numerous restaurants in the area. My room overlooked downtown and I could see the Notre Dame campus. Fast forward to the next morning, I slept great, had a quick breakfast of lemon pancakes with fruit and granola in a breakfast bowl and started my day!

LaSalle Grill
I had looked up all the spots downtown and settled on LaSalle, a fine-dining restaurant and steakhouse. I normally would not choose a fine dining spot but they had a casual third floor lounge that got great reviews.  But, it was a Monday night so the third floor was closed and it was a super quiet night in the main restaurant. Since I was dining at 8pm I decided to order a light meal- the wedge salad with the herb dressing and the pan seared scallops over a roasted leek johnny cake with nueske’s bacon pomodoro. Both were fantastic! My server was great and she timed everything perfectly so I could finish my presentation due the next morning.

Cinco5 International
Full day meeting so we take our client to lunch and they choose Cinco5, a casual spot for Mexican and Thai food. Yes, Mexican and Thai. Since I had to pick one, I kept it simple and went with Pad Thai.  Half the table did thai, half did tacos.  The best part – private room for a group of 10!

Cinco5 Pad Thai-South Bend
Cinco5 Pad Thai-South Bend

Tortas Frontera
When flying through O’Hare and super hungry, this is your stop. Braised pork torta with pickled red onion, black beans and amazing bread. Cannot go wrong with Rick Bayless!

Have other favorites in Fort Wayne or South Bend?  Let me know!

On the Road Eats: Chicago

I have something to share with you.

So I just landed in Chicago – my second flight for the day.  I’m tired(up at 4am to catch my first flight since I had to fly to Minneapolis for meetings before traveling here), I’m cold(temps are 25 degrees colder than Dallas) and of course, I’m hungry(nothing new there).  I love the concierge at the Renaissance Chicago because he always has great recommendations for me(Thanks Thomas!)

The menu looked very interesting.  And Thomas told me since I was dining alone I could probably sit at the “chef’s seat” at the end of the bar. Then he mentioned a favorite of his – a lobster roll with foie gras and fried oysters.   I’m interested and make a reservation through OpenTable.  I walk a few blocks to River North(the brisk air is waking me up) and he was right- I am seated at the bar to watch the chefs.  There was a lot to choose from so I decide on the lobster roll and the creamed kale(I also had a great server who helped me pick!).  And then something strange happened.  I didn’t love my lobster roll.  Could it be after a 15 hour day my taste buds were giving up?  It was almost too rich for me….but I really enjoyed the creamed kale with a sunny side up egg(a much more mild dish).  I hope this was a total random event because I really want to come back and try a few more dishes on their menu(and probably the lobster roll again)!
IMG_5292 IMG_5294

Firecakes Donuts:
IMG_5295I wanted something simple for dessert and wanted to eat it back at the hotel(at this point I am exhausted).  I leave BottleFork and around the corner is a little donut shop.  I see about 5 people standing in the small entry way and a few leaving.  I look in the window and decide I must go inside.  I buy three donuts(one for my colleague coming in on a much later flight- nice treat when she checks in!) and two for me to try.  I order a sufganiyah(jelly donut) and a honey glazed….may want to save the second one for breakfast but not sure I can wait that long to eat it.  I head back to the hotel, check out the view of the river(thank you for the upgrade Renaissance), enjoy my last sweet of the evening and call my husband to say goodnight with a smile on my face.

IMG_5298 IMG_5300image

Piccolo Sogno Due:
Best salad I have eaten all year.  And I have eaten at a lot of restaurants, especially in Chicago.  I was with a colleague and we started with the butternut squash soup(nice that they split it for us).  Then we each had a salad- I ordered the kale salad and it was one of my favorite meals of the year.  The roasted squash and the fennel and the dressing- WOW,  I could eat this every week!  Note to self: try to recreate at home.  For entrees, they offer their pasta dishes in half or full size so it was time for me to get my favorite- black spaghetti with tons of shellfish.  And it was delicious.  I cannot believe I waited this long to come here.  I will be back !

IMG_5305 IMG_5308 IMG_5311

Where to next when I return to Chicago?

On the Road Eats: Indianapolis

I have something to share with you.

I just returned from Indianapolis and I must share how happy the airport there makes me.  Everything is just easy.  The security lines are easy(TSA pre-check has its own section), the car rental area is easy, there is finally a gas station with easy access, people movers are where you need them and of course, the dining options are great!  While I was in town, I was able to explore a few new places(new to me) and return to one favorite before I boarded my flight.

Pizzology Craft Pizza & Pub
I visited the location in Carmel and had a nice quiet dinner at the bar.  I normally bring my iPad which doubles as a book with my Kindle app and was able to enjoy a great pizza with my own choice of toppings and a nice glass of wine.  I definitely recommend you try their fennel sausage on your pizza.  For dessert, I took home an order of Zeppole.  Warm with a side of honey, the perfect treat on a rainy night!

The North End Barbecue & Moonshine
I read about this restaurant in the Indianapolis Monthly Magazine and decided I needed to try it.  I live in Texas so I get BBQ pretty often but the mention of pimento cheese and johnnycakes had me interested.  I grabbed my iPhone, clicked my OpenTable app and made a reservation for one.  When I arrived, I sat at the bar, did a little work and was ready to eat.  I wanted to try a few things so I ordered the Pimento Cheese(since that was what caught my attention in the first place) and a smoked turkey sandwich with a side of mac ’n’ cheese garnished with rib jam.  They offered 4 sauces for the turkey, all homemade and the server took the time to share the flavor profiles with me(tangy, sweet, classic and spicy).

image image image

Now I will admit that I did not finish everything l but I ate enough to definitely recommend you visit this spot soon!

Harry & Izzy’s(at the airport)
A few years back during a visit to Indianpolis I was at St. Elmo Steak House and of course I had to try the shrimp cocktail.  It was famous.  And it was fantastic.  Harry & Izzy’s is the sister restaurant and they also serve the famous shrimp cocktail.  AND they have a location in the airport so I am always able to have a small treat before I board my flight.  What makes it famous?  Well, giant shrimp covered in the most spicy cocktail sauce with horseradish that will make you cry.  But it is amazing and now they sell it by the bottle at their locations and online.  I think this is a great holiday gift for those that celebrate spice!

For my next trip to Indianapolis, where do you think I should eat?