Comfort on 4″

I have something to share with you.

If you need fashion advice, stop reading now. I am not the fashionable girl you follow on IG.  My everyday outfit is a work-friendly top paired with black pants or a pair of jeans. I try my best but comfort is more of a priority.

Which leads me to a rare “fashion” share.

I HATE wearing uncomfortable shoes.  I speed walk from back to back meetings around cities for work, run through airports when late for a flight and try to work while standing at one of those Varidesks each day.  I needed to find a great summer wedge and checked the blogs of those I follow that have much more fashion sense than me (Thank you Pinteresting Plans!) What did I find?  The Marc Fisher Alida Espadrille Platform Wedge in taupe.  I have had months to wear them and decided I must share to tell you to try them.  Maybe Nordstorm will put them on sale with fall around the corner.  And the most important thing- they are super comfortable!  After just a few times of wearing them to work and running errands in Dallas, they earned a front and center spot in my closet!

The Must Have shirt in your closet

I have something to share with you.

We all have that one shirt in our closet that we grab to wear to work when we are running late, need to throw something on for a quick dinner out or just something to wear to complete the never-ending to-do list.  I now have three of them and yes, they are all the same shirt.

Head to Nordstrom and buy the Pleione Mixed Media V-Neck Tunic.  It’s only $58 (and some colors are less) and comes in numerous colors.  It is great for spring since the sleeves button up and can be layered with a cami underneath or with a cardigan on top.  I have burgundy, black and a shade of orange…and wear at least one of them every week!

image image


Soft and Smooth in the Shower

I have something to share with you.

loccitanealmondYes, I admit it, I like QVC.  I learn about new beauty products all the time when I randomly flip to this channel and often try them out in smaller sizes. One new product I found is L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil and I purchased the small size from Nordstrom.  I love almond and this oil feels super silky on your skin.  If you use it in the bath(or shower), it lathers and is AWESOME to shave your legs!  I was super excited that this came in a travel size since I could test it and bring it on the road for longer business trips, especially during the winter when my skin gets super dry!  And since many larger airports have a L’Occitane location, I can always pick up a second bottle if I run out on my way home!


In Her Opinion: Trunk Club


I learned about Trunk Club many months back.  Having some help on the fashion front would be a fantastic help to me and when I learned a friend tried it and loved it, I wanted to share it with you! Info is at the bottom to contact her rep and to check out the info online.


Trunk Club
“I wanted to share something with you that I did recently and thought was really cool.

Trunk Club is a clothing service located in Deep Ellum and owned by Nordstrom, for super busy people who don’t have time to shop — or just don’t have the desire or fashion-ability to update their on wardrobes on a consistent basis (that’s me!). I did it last week, and had a great experience, so thought some of you might want to try it too!
My stylist, Helen, is precious, and she did a great job of learning more about me, my likes/dislikes, personal taste and style, etc. and she chose so many great options that I ended up purchasing most of them! The cool thing is that if you don’t like anything, there is zero catch, and you don’t have to buy a thing. If you like some, great, and if you like them all – then even better! She can also go back to the drawing board for alternate sizes, styles, colors, and can help you put outfits together that maybe you hadn’t thought of. If you have a budget or want to stay within a certain range, just tell her and she’ll stick to that. If you have brands you love, tell her what they are, and she can shop within the outline of your personal preferences.
Helen met me at my home and even helped me clean out my closet (at no charge), sifting through every item to assist in making a decision on what I should keep/sell/donate. She can also send a box of clothes to your home, or you can meet her at their Dallas space. She also works with men for both casual and dress clothes. I’m definitely going to use her for James’ wardrobe as well.
I literally have zero time to shop, let alone think about what I’m wearing from one day to the next (or to business meetings, events, etc.) so this is a SUPER helpful and easy option for me. Hope you like it too!

 –  Gretchen – Dallas Mom, Married with three kids

Thanks to Gretchen for sharing an easy option for both men and women!.  Below is the information for Trunk Club and Gretchen’s personal stylist.

Trunk Club Website: