My Favorite Things – ExfoliKate

I have something to share with you.

It’s something I really look forward to.  And it’s superfast.  Just me, five minutes and I go to bed feeling relaxed.  What am I talking about….Spa Night in my house.

exk_carton_tubeI have been a lot more focused on skincare since I am close to 40 (and I will admit, I am starting to get excited about turning 40!)  ExfoliKate is one of my new favorite products. Wash your face, then apply Exfolikate for up to two minutes and wash off.  That easy.  It makes my skin glow and it’s like I just had a thirty minute treatment that I didn’t have to pay a ton of money for.  If you are not familiar with Kate Somerville, she has this great line of products that I have been “experimenting” with over the past few months.  In select locations of Nordstrom, you can visit the Kate Somerville beauty counter and get a complimentary DermalQuench treatment in store if you purchase your products from them.

That’s one of my favorite things…what are yours?



My Favorite Things – Bliss Soap’n scrub

I have something to share with you.

I am a frequent browser at Marshalls and T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods too.  These are great places to find random stuff for your home and kitchen as well as fun kid stuff.  Plus, when I need to pick up extra pillow cases or some random utensil for the kitchen, I have a three minute drive from my house.

I always check out the beauty section.  They have hair dryers, straightening irons, perfume and random skincare items.  (Don’t forget to check the bottles to make sure things are sealed and not already opened)  On occasion, I will find Frederic Fekkai hair products, philosophy lotions, and on this trip, I found bliss.

A Must Have for your Shower!

Yes, my shower has too much stuff in it already.  Shampoos for both me and my husband, color safe conditioner for me, my philosophy facial wash(Purity), razor, body wash and soap.  But I realized one important item was missing.  There was no body exfoliating scrub. Shame on me.  This is a game changer.

What makes it special?  Think of how your mouth feels after you eat a mint and breathe in…..your body feels the same way, cool and tingly.  The mint wakes you up (a must in the morning) and the exfoliating bead scrub makes you start your day with soft, smooth skin.  Plus, at less than half the retail price, I can definitely buy an extra one, for myself or as a gift!



My Favorite Things – The Giveable Flat by Stuart Weitzman

I have something to share with you.

I do a lot of running around.  Whether I am at home or on the road, by myself, with my daughter or with colleagues, I am always running somewhere.  It’s exhausting.  The food store, Target, ballet, the airport, a client’s office, a fantastic restaurant – I need comfortable shoes.  And they must be fashionable too!

My favorite:  The Giveable Flat by Stuart Weitzman


I own all three of these and have replaced two of them twice.  I wear them that much. Yes, they are a bit pricey but if you wear them as often as I do, the cost per wear is quite low. Unless they are already on my feet, they are always in my suitcase for business trips and they are usually in my car if I spend the day in heels.  It is the most comfortable shoe I own and goes with skinny jeans, black dress pants, skirts or dresses.  If I could recommend one flat for everyone, THIS IS IT!