The 2016 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I have something to share with you.

I am a mom of one. Cards make me happy. So does a meal at a great restaurant. A piece of art by my daughter is amazing. Here are a few ideas that stray from the nail salon, jewelry store and of course, the easy to buy gift card!

For the “I keep everything because I am super sentimental” Mom:
Write her a love letter to keep forever!  Visit TheLandLockedDogTwo shop on Etsy for this wonderful keepsake.

For the “I know my strengths and Interior Design is not one of them” Mom:
Havenly.  Have you heard of it?  It’s an online interior design firm with rates starting at $79.  You take a survey, choose a designer, upload photos and work with your designer.  I am that mom…sounds pretty good to me!


For the “I am obsessed with fitness and wish I had more time to exercise” Mom:
I am not a fan of the gym but I have many friends who are up at 5am and already at the gym.   And then my girlfriend told me about PiYo, a 60-day program(via DVD) that includes 12 workouts that take anywhere from 25-45 minutes and you do them 6 days a week.  Now you can get the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga all in the comfort of your own house!  (And make sure she knows you are not hinting about anything specific!!)


For the “I love cooking and need new ideas to add to the rotation” Mom:
Whether you send mom off to a cooking class solo, with a girlfriend or with the kids, Sur La Table has numerous options for you.  Mommy & Me for Mother’s Day, Girls’ Night Out, Quick and healthy Meals for the whole family or a class on cooking basics…the list goes on and this is one that moms will love!


For the “I am so tired of spending my weekends running errands” Mom:
This is an easy one.  For whatever reason it took me a year to sign up for Amazon Prime.  And now it is my go-to for gifts, household items, books(I have a kindle) and any other random item that I need.  And for those items that are Prime items, I can have them within the next 24-28 hours and some even the same day.  Buy this for the Mom in your life.  No more juggling home and work calendars to figure out when she can hit Target, Home Depot and Toys R’ Us  – this gift will give her her weekends back!



For the “I just want to rock out to the music from high school” Mom:
At some point I asked my husband to add me to his Sirius XM account.  I would go on business trips and take advantage of satellite radio.  Now I can do kid drop-off and jam out to Salt-N-Pepa a or The Chili Peppers any time I want!



And yes, still make sure to get her some cards, make her or take her to a nice meal and tell her how much she is loved and appreciated!!



Brunch on Mother’s Day 2015 in Dallas

I have something to share with you. I love Mother’s Day!  For me, there is no pressure to decorate the house, no need to plan for presents, and it can be as lazy or as active as we want.  Plus my daughter is usually on her best behavior since it is Mommy’s special day.  Instead of doing a big dinner out, we love to “brunch”! nasher2Over the years we have spent Mother’s Day at a lot of great restaurants in Dallas.  I remember a quiet meal at the Dallas Fish Market with my newborn daughter, a more casual meal with the whole family at The Grape, a southern meal at Hattie’s in Oak Cliff, and my absolute favorite, a special brunch at the Nasher Sculpture Center(brunch by Wolfgang Puck with special family activities and performances) that my husband reserved for the three of us as a surprise. Of course, as a mom, I always ask friends for recommendations on where they spend Mother’s day, whether it be brunch or dinner.  A few of their favorites:  brunch at Café on the Green at the Four Seasons in Irving(very family friendly), Al Biernats (for brunch or dinner) and Nick and Sam’s Grill(very energetic). This year I want to try something that is “new to me” but a place that I would be happy to go to on any given Sunday(with the hope that someone else is doing the food shopping and running errands while I am “brunching”).  I went to my two trusted “foodie” sources and not too many posts about Mother’s Day yet.  Then I pulled up OpenTable and started looking for the best brunch spots in North Dallas and their page specific for Mother’s Day brunch spots.  This is the EASIEST way to make reservations and it all syncs with my calendar!  So where might you find me on Mother’s Day?

  • SMOKE Plano – I have been to Smoke down in Oak Cliff and enjoyed both brunch and dinner. I think it is time to visit them again for some thick cut pork belly bacon!   Unfortunately, you cannot make reservations for brunch.
  • DISH Preston Hollow – I used to live near DISH on Cedar Springs and unfortunately never made it there for lunch, dinner or brunch. Now that there is one closer to me and they serve Fried Chicken and Waffles, this is definitely on my list.
  • Mexican Sugar – There is something for everyone here – Benedictos Rancheros, Chilaquiles or Egg White Migas. Plus I can spend some time shopping at Legacy after we eat!
  • Knife Dallas – The Short Rib Benedict and Pork Belly Hash are calling my name.  We have been for dinner and it may be time to visit for brunch!
  • Ivy Kitchen – I visited Ivy Kitchen right after it opened for a girls’ night out and enjoyed my meal. I have heard some mixed reviews but I have not been for brunch.  Depending on the weather, brunch and a movie may be a great way to spend the day!  I know my husband would be thrilled!

 Happy Mother’s Day!!!



Did you share your wishlist?

I have something to share with you.

Nordstrom WishlistIn our house, I found an easy way to make sure my husband knows what to buy me for the important holidays(you know birthdays, Hanukkah, a random Friday)…I have a Nordstrom wishlist. And all he has to do is go to one store or online to find me the perfect gift.

Please tell me you know about this…..find an item you like, add it to your wishlist and you are done. The only big decision you need to make is if you want to keep your wishlist private and give your spouse/partner access to your account(meaning login info) or make your wishlist public(so anyone can find it and buy something for you).

My friend recently shared with me a blog she follows called Sheaffer Told me To.  It was started by Sheaffer, a Dallas mom, who posts pictures and reviews of clothes, shoes, jewelry, you name it.  Plus she spends A LOT of time at Nordstrom, so I can see what is new, what is on sale, and she includes links to other mom blogs. (Another good one – Check out “Mix and Match Mama” – Shay posts some great recipes!) Anyway, since I shop at Nordstrom more than I should, this was a great find for me.

How much easier can it really be to get the perfect gift?