Access the same pages on your iPhone and iPad

I have something to share with you.

Often I will visit a webpage on my iPhone and want to re-visit the same page once I am home from my iPad(much easier to read).  So how do I access all the websites I have found on my iPhone from my iPad?  And vice versa?

imageimageSafari iCloud Tabs allow me to visit and access any active web page I have open in Safari on my other device. Simply visit Settings > iCloud and turn on the iCloud for Safari on both devices. Then open Safari and click the pages icon on the bottom right corner and scroll to see all the pages you have open on your devices.  Such a time saver!



iPhone Tip: Music Timer

I have something to share with you.

Too often I check into a hotel after a long day, get ready to go to bed, turn on the TV and look for the sleep button on the remote. Of course as my luck has it, the remote doesn’t have one OR it just doesn’t work. But now I have a way to hear music rather than the guests in the hall. Read through the iPhone tips on your phone and you will find some great options. There is a way to play music and have it turn off in 20 minutes, 30 minutes or even longer by just setting the timer. Now I can fall asleep to something relaxing rather than the arguing of the Real Housewives!

Go to the Clock, then the Timer and select  “When Timer Ends”  at the bottom. Rather than selecting a ringtone like an alarm, select “Stop Playing” at the bottom. Then turn on your music and drift off to sleep!



iPhone selfie tip!

I have something to share with you.

I recently updated my phone and noticed a new app called Tips.  Have you seen it?

imageI got curious, opened the app and learned about a selfie timer. What?  Yes, a way to take a selfie without the frustration of moving your hand out of the way and pushing the button easily.  Now, let me put this out there.  I take selfies on very few occasions…if I am out with my daughter, family or friends and want to capture a special time or if I am on the road in an interesting city with a cool backdrop.  Wow…this makes it so much easier than stretching your arm and still getting part of it in the pic!  How does it work?  It counts(see the off, 3s and 10s clocks at the top of the pic, select one, push the white button and get ready to smile!)  Spend a few minutes with this app if you have an iPhone.  Worth it!



Who Has What When?

I have something to share with you.

Imagine this conversation.

Welcome back to work – how is the baby?
She is amazing…happy to have had three months of maternity leave.
Now that you are back, it’s time to go visit your clients.

Well, maybe the conversation was a bit longer than that but my work travel began after I had a baby.  My daughter was 4 1/2 months old and I was about to venture out on my first of many business trips.  I was headed to Madison, WI the summer of 2009 and was very concerned about leaving my family.  My first thought – I am going to miss my daughter’s bedtime for the first time ever.  No kiss goodnight, no rocking her to sleep.  The second thought was my husband.  Make sure he has everything he needs since he was on dad duty while I was away.

Fast forward to Gold status on American Airlines – with this amount of travel, I needed to get much more organized.  I wrote about Mommy Tracked, the website that has the downloadable forms I use for food shopping, to do lists and the “Here are all the small details of what is going on While I am Gone” calendar.  But now I needed to find a way to keep my work calendar, my husband’s work calendar and our family calendar in sync.  And it needed to be available at all times.

We both work full time.  He has meetings and networking events that fall outside of “normal” business hours.  I travel to different cities and he needs to know what days I am going to be out of town.  Plus we have dance class, soccer practice and the occasional adult night out.  We were in desperate need to know WHO HAD WHAT WHEN.

google calendar

I chose the easiest solution I knew.  A shared Google calendar.   It was a way we could both access the same calendar at any time from any device.  It was a way we could view the calendar in Outlook when at the office or add a new “event” on demand from our iPhone or iPad.  We could set up alerts and email reminders and always know what was going on.

I have numerous calendars loaded on my phone.  Birthdays, holidays, work, the family shared calendar.  All I need to do is open my phone and I see everything that is going on that day.  I can color code the calendars and hide those that may not be so important to see on my phone but still need to have access to from my laptop.  Before I book travel, I check the calendar.  Before he commits to an event, he checks the calendar.  Our friends even joke with us about checking the calendar before we schedule something – probably because they know how great this idea was to keep us in sync!

How do you and your partner know who has what when?