Sometimes Flat is Better

I have something to share with you.

cole-haan-black-snake-print-lunargrand-wingtip-black-product-3-388623547-normalThey definitely make me feel sexy, give me an added boost of confidence and they are a necessity in a woman’s closet. But let’s admit it – Heels hurt.  Yes, I do have a few pairs that I love(yes, the Jimmy Choo’s I spent a small fortune on are one of them, so are the wine colored Gucci’s that I have) but on a normal day, after about 4 hours I want to sit.  No more standing.  No more walking. Just let me sit.  It’s worse when I am traveling and walking in the big cities(took me a while to find a work bag that would fit my favorite flats).

And then one day I saw the LunarGrand line at Cole Haan.  They are a masculine looking shoe but they have a full women’s line.  And they are designed to be super comfortable. Hmm…not the sexiest of shoe BUT I can make these work.  I could wear them with a pair of tights and a work appropriate black dress.  I could wear them with black skinny jeans or black cords.  These are going to be great.  I even saw a pair of oxfords on a woman in a fashion magazine.  And then I got even luckier.  I found the exact pair I wanted on Rue La La for less than the Cole Haan website.

Three months later, I love them.  I get a lot of compliments on them………from men.  Not so many from women but I’ve said it before, my fashion sense is a work in progress.


Don’t leave home without it: The Purple Stick

I have something to share with you!

I love shoes!  All kinds, all colors, and on a good day, all heights!  What I don’t love are blisters……

I have a five year old daughter and she even knows before we wear new shoes or new flip flops, we grab the purple stick.  The what??

Dr. Scholl’s For Her Rub Shield Friction Preventer Stick – the purple stick.  The greatest thing I learned about from another mom.  I was wearing a new pair of sandals and the back of my heel was causing me much pain.  And then she said I needed a friction stick.


I keep one in my travel makeup bag, one in my bathroom, one in my briefcase, another in the beach bag.  This stick is definitely a necessary travel companion after a full day on the road, running around airports, jumping in and out of cabs, etc.  And there are quite a few options out there.

Dr. Scholl’s® BlisterDefense Anti-Friction Stick
Band-Aid Active Friction Block Stick