On the Road Eats: Beaumont, Texas

I have something to share with you.

I was flying to Beaumont for a meeting and had some time to grab a great lunch before and a quick “snack” on the way out.  I googled best dining in Beaumont and one restaurant won Best Restaurant, Best New Restaurant, Best Bar and Best Brunch which meant I had to go try it!

J. Wilson’s
Best (New)Restaurant, Best Bar, Best Brunch….was this really the best restaurant in Beaumont?  If so, I was going there for lunch.  I arrived on the early side and got comfortable. I ordered a lazy tamales, essentially a deconstructed tamale topped with gulf shrimp, lump crab, avocado and a fried egg.  Then it was time to check email and do a little prep for my meeting prior to my meal.  The food? It was very enjoyable, served in a cast iron skillet and took no time at all.  Plus the atmosphere was very laid back and I had excellent service. If only I was there at night, I would have had a drink at the bar!

Floyd’s Cajun Seafood Company
I visited Floyd’s years ago during my first trip to Beaumont.  I was there with a colleague and he ordered gumbo and I ordered bisque.  We both thought it was pretty good.  My second time to Beaumont also included a stop to Floyd’s for a quick cup of bisque and this trip, my third, was no different.  I made a quick stop on my way to the airport to grab a bowl of crab bisque.  I sat at the bar, checked email and enjoyed my garlic bread, rice and bisque.  I left for the airport with plenty of time to spare and a full belly!