ISO Fashion Help!

Woman-in-ClosetI have something to share with you.

I spend so much time looking at fashion magazines. But all of that “education” still doesn’t help me.  There are times that I want to sit in my closet and cry.  I have a challenge when it comes to fashion.  For those that know me, I am usually wearing black pants Or jeans and a top. The top is probably black or gray. Possibly a color, rarely a pattern.  I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses and a strong fashion sense definitely falls under the weakness column.

And this brings me to the topic at hand….I need a closet organizer.  Not a system to keep my colors sorted or my suits all together(it’s pretty organized already), but a person that can come to my home, look at all of the pieces in my closet, let me know what to keep, what staple items I need to buy, what pieces are so outdated that I need to throw them away, what to donate and provide some suggestions for what pieces can be paired together for a great outfit.

So I am asking you… you have any suggestions for me?  Know anyone in Dallas that can help me out??