How I build my Daughter’s wardrobe

I have something to share with you.

I absolutely love buying my daughter clothes. I will be at the mall shopping for myself and always end up shopping for her. Some of my favorite places: Nordstrom, GAP Kids, Crewcuts, H & M and Naartjie (which is closing so they have awesome sales going on right now).

What I don’t love is trying to convince her to pick out clothes, try them on and repeat in 3-5 different stores. Everything she picks has a princess. All of the outfits are pink. Then she gets “too tired” and asking her to stand up straight becomes the hardest chore in the world.  After two stores, both of us have lost our patience and what started as a “fun” idea turns into a pretty miserable day.

Enter the iPad. I often shop online knowing I can just return what doesn’t fit.
Why the heck did I not think of this for her?

hmtabletMake shopping fun for kids.  She loves the iPad and I love the control.  I can filter by outfit type, by size and even by color and have her choose the items she wants. They ship to my house, we try on (over a period of days) and then I return the items that don’t fit her. She is happy, I am happy and we have clothes in our closet for the upcoming season.

Plus, the other added benefit – Login to the Marriott or American Airlines shopping sites prior to “shopping” and receive points for your purchases!