Rainbow Dinner – Challenge #8

I have something to share with you.

Red, Green and Purple. Rainbow Dinner #8 and rather than being super creative with food coloring, I am trying to use foods that maybe I would not ordinarily cook with for our family.

What is Rainbow Dinner? Every Monday I cook a meal that has three colors from the rainbow that my daughter chooses for me. The goal? Introduce new foods to my five-year old in the hope that she will start enjoying some new foods.

Green is one of the best colors to cook with since it is not only a common color for vegetables, but a healthy one.  Red, a little more difficult since options are mostly fruit and then purple, well, not as hard as blue but not that easy.

I was able to find purple potatoes at Whole Foods.  They were mixed with other colored, small roasting potatoes so that was perfect.  Green – Spinach.  She has never tried it and I love it in salads and sautéed with garlic.  Red – I guess rather than creating my own dish I will use something that fits into the holiday week perfectly.  A cous cous dish from the Whole Foods cold case with cranberries for the red.  Add some marinated chicken and I have a full meal!


I knew my husband would enjoy the meal so I was interested to see what my daughter thought about these new foods.  Green – spinach – “Gross”, Purple Potatoes – “they are not my thing” – (oh really?), and the cranberries – “Mom, I love cranberries!  I’ve had them before.”  As for my husband, he had never tried purple potatoes and enjoyed them.  It may have been because I smashed them and used garlic butter on top!  The good news – I guess cous cous with different colors in it can be added to the rotation!