On the Road Eats: San Antonio

I have something to share with you.

I attended a conference in San Antonio last week so I asked Chowhound where to eat. The two top spots on my list were Cured and Bliss and chowhounds agreed with my choices.  I also found a spot near my hotel for breakfast and recommend it for those staying near the convention center.

I have been to the Pearl during prior visits to San Antonio but it has been a while.  It’s a great area with a bunch of restaurants and shops about a 5 minute cab ride from the convention center area.  I knew I wanted to try Cured.  I see friends post on Facebook, I see reviews on various food websites, and the menu looked great.  We started with pork cheeks poutine(AWESOME! – nothing better than fries, gravy, cheese and swine), then the charcuterie board with mortadella, pork belly and pickled vegetables,  the beet salad and the white asparagus salad, the wagyu beef tartare and then finished with the beer can mussels.  It was a laid back atmosphere, we had great service and for those that live there, they have a brunch menu that is extremely tempting.

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Earlier this year I asked a client to send me recommendations for dining in San Antonio. The list included Feast, Hot Joy, and B&D Ice House.  But she added Bliss to the list – recommended by a gentleman we work with who is a big foodie.  With his endorsement, I knew I had to get a reservation for my trip.  I started with japanese hamachi sashimi tostadas, then the George’s Bank sea scallops over pepperjack-white cheddar Anson Mills grits for my entrée.  It was fantastic.  Others tried the duck and the tenderloin and said they were fabulous too.  Of course we had dessert-  my choice being the pot de creme and a decaf cappuccino.  Next time you are planning to be in San Antonio, get a reservation at Bliss.

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I need breakfast when I am on the road. I never know if an appointment will run over and cause me to miss lunch. And it is a good thing I made the quick 5 minute walk over to Schilo’s because I was on the trade show floor and never had lunch.  I asked the server what they are known for and of course she said the potato pancakes and homemade applesauce.  So I ordered coffee, eggs, bacon and the potato pancakes…..if you are staying near the convention center and want a non-hotel breakfast, stop by!
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My Favorite Things: Bliss Body Butter

I have something to share with you.

Bliss-Body-ButterThe winter is almost over(thank goodness) and I cannot wait for the warmer weather(3 snow days in Dallas – really??).  I still have to travel north for my job so keeping my skin moisturized is super important.  I posted how much I love the Bliss soap’n scrub.  Well, during the holidays, the Today Show ran a special on Bliss body butter and I figured, what the heck?  So I bought it, gave a couple away as presents and kept the rest for myself.  My Favorite?  The Vanilla and Bergamot Body butter.  It keeps your skin so soft and hydrated plus it comes in numerous scents so everyone can find the one they love!  I would even bet you that you could find it at your local Nordstrom Rack at a great price!!



My Favorite Things – Bliss Soap’n scrub

I have something to share with you.

I am a frequent browser at Marshalls and T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods too.  These are great places to find random stuff for your home and kitchen as well as fun kid stuff.  Plus, when I need to pick up extra pillow cases or some random utensil for the kitchen, I have a three minute drive from my house.

I always check out the beauty section.  They have hair dryers, straightening irons, perfume and random skincare items.  (Don’t forget to check the bottles to make sure things are sealed and not already opened)  On occasion, I will find Frederic Fekkai hair products, philosophy lotions, and on this trip, I found bliss.

A Must Have for your Shower!

Yes, my shower has too much stuff in it already.  Shampoos for both me and my husband, color safe conditioner for me, my philosophy facial wash(Purity), razor, body wash and soap.  But I realized one important item was missing.  There was no body exfoliating scrub. Shame on me.  This is a game changer.

What makes it special?  Think of how your mouth feels after you eat a mint and breathe in…..your body feels the same way, cool and tingly.  The mint wakes you up (a must in the morning) and the exfoliating bead scrub makes you start your day with soft, smooth skin.  Plus, at less than half the retail price, I can definitely buy an extra one, for myself or as a gift!