My Favorite Things – The Giveable Flat by Stuart Weitzman

I have something to share with you.

I do a lot of running around.  Whether I am at home or on the road, by myself, with my daughter or with colleagues, I am always running somewhere.  It’s exhausting.  The food store, Target, ballet, the airport, a client’s office, a fantastic restaurant – I need comfortable shoes.  And they must be fashionable too!

My favorite:  The Giveable Flat by Stuart Weitzman


I own all three of these and have replaced two of them twice.  I wear them that much. Yes, they are a bit pricey but if you wear them as often as I do, the cost per wear is quite low. Unless they are already on my feet, they are always in my suitcase for business trips and they are usually in my car if I spend the day in heels.  It is the most comfortable shoe I own and goes with skinny jeans, black dress pants, skirts or dresses.  If I could recommend one flat for everyone, THIS IS IT!