Guest Shares

I enjoy sharing with you.  And when you share with me, I always learn something new. Two sections of Something to Share with You are for others to offer their thoughts!

In Her Opinion
I have received so many great recommendations from other women and moms and this is where you can read their thoughts.

Have a great recommendation for me?  Is there someone you use regularly for fashion help, interior design, baked goods for parties?  Send their info my way and share your story!

Email me at with your ideas!

His Two Cents
jason_2picMeet Jason.
He is my go to guy when I need a recipe or a wine recommendation, has great gift ideas, loves to get dressed for a night out and is awesome with the “guy side” of things. When a friend recommended I add a section for the guys in our life, I thought of him first. And he loves adding his two cents!

Email me at with your questions for him!

Thanks for letting all of us share with you!  Don’t forget to click below to share with someone else!


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