On the Road Eats: San Jose del Cabo

Hotel: JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa
Would I stay again? Yes. The hotel is modern, rooms are a good size for two people and we had a balcony with a beautiful view of the ocean and pool.  There are a bunch of options for dining and it is super close to downtown San Jose del Cabo.  The spa is great and they offered some very basic cooking classes.  We upgraded to stay at the Griffin Club, a boutique hotel within the hotel.  Would I upgrade again?  Not necessarily.  Breakfast got kind of boring and although service was good at the pool(private pool for Griffin club guests) we didn’t have the personalized/concierge experience.


Breakfast and Lunch:  The Griffin Club

Dinner:  La Lupita – Taco & Mezcal
Would I dine again? Yes.  Local spot with locals and tourists.  They had a band the night we were there and we shared beer and tacos.

Dinner: Flora Farms
Would I dine again? Yes.  We did a tour of the farm and then had dinner.  There was music, great food, ice cream, and even some shops to visit while you wait.  You must have a reservation and I recommend you arrive early and have one of their awesome cocktails.

Dinner: La Vaca Tinta
Would I dine again?
No.  I think our expectations were too high and we didn’t enjoy the meal.  We ordered their steak special and passed on dessert.

Dinner: Mariscos Toro Güero Centro
Would I dine again? Yes.  This is a local spot in downtown San Jose.  We had a great server who showed us some new ways to eat the molcajete and loved the local feel of this spot.

Dinner: Niparaya JW Bar
Would I dine again? Possibly.  If I didn’t go into town for dinner, I would prefer to try a different restaurant at the hotel.  We had sushi and it was just ok.

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