The Hearts in our Home

We have something to share with you.

img_1364When I travel for work, I bring home a postcard of that city for my daughter.  Years back I decided with the help of a colleague to do postcards instead of stuffed animals or t-shirts (easy to pack, educational, will not grow out of them).  A few years back we were at a friends house in Colorado and my daughter saw a beautiful bowl of rocks on their kitchen counter.  Why do you collect rocks she asked our friend Amy?  Her answer –  these were not just rocks, but these were heart-shaped rocks that she collected from places she had visited and she would love to have my daughter take one home with her.

My daughter loved the idea and now we have our own small bowl of heart rocks that we have collected over the past few years.  It’s a nice addition to the decor in the house and we have fun looking for heart rocks on all of our trips!

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