On the Road Eats: Vegas, Baby!

I have something to share with you.

Vegas.  I go for the food.  Well, technically I went for a tradeshow with 30-thousand other people but I look forward to the food.  Although I stayed off Strip, many options to hit some great restaurants.  I spent most of the evenings at the Cosmopolitan and had some great meals.

Blue Ribbon at Cosmopolitan
My colleague and I arrived early and being on different time zones decided to grab an early dinner.  Once we saw a pu pu platter on the menu, we decided to hit the Social Hour at Blue Ribbon.  Great bartenders and definitely enjoyed the food!

China Poblano
Group dinner of 7 colleagues- pick a place that has lots of small plates that we can all share since we all like each other.  A few misses but overall a good meal and a fun experience.  I even did a tequila tasting!

Beauty & Essex
Love that I get to walk into a pawn shop in order to eat dinner and extra points that they had a Biggie Smalls figurine for sale!  Great atmosphere, a bit dark and great food!

Sometimes you have to have dinner twice in Vegas.  I met a friend early for dinner at Beauty & Essex and then walked over to the Aria to meet another friend who I had not seen in 11 years.  Not only did I get to reconnect with her, but she picked an amazing spot for dinner.  I loved this place and will definitely go back!

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