On the Road Eats: Santa Barbara

I have something to share with you.

Business Trip to Santa Barbara.  Determined to make it downtown early for dinner so I have a few hours for emails at night.  This trip I will try something new!

Matt’s Big Breakfast
One flight done.  Two hour layover.  Left the house at 5:15a.  Time for breakfast.  Where to eat at the airport in Phoenix?  Matt’s!  Pancakes, bacon and a quick check of email and I am ready for flight number 2.

On the Alley
Two flights, two-hour layover(with a great breakfast) and I land to the most amazing weather in Santa Barbara.  Time to find a spot to eat with outdoor seating.  Back to On the Alley.  Close to the airport and work and not too expensive.  Fried clams again and a crab cake sandwich – share both with my co-manager.  Perfect.  Ready to get to work!


Trattoria Vittoria
It was a long day.  Meetings, calls, product demo.  I need some food after I check in to the hotel.  Drive downtown, walk down State Street to get some fresh air and head to an old favorite of mine for Italian.  Comfort food.  Eggplant parm made with japanese eggplants.  WOW!  Big thanks to the bartender that recommended my dinner spot for the next night!

Corazon Cocina
I grabbed a sandwich at the deli in our office park.  Three Pickles.  Pretty good.  But only got to finish half due to back to back meetings.  So I needed to make sure I picked something great for dinner.  I remembered the bartender told me about a new spot.  Said it was fantastic.  Well, that was easy.  After I posted a picture of dinner on Facebook a friend in SB commented that this was a brand new restaurant and she was friends with the chef.  I ordered the shrimp taco and the ceviche.  How was it she asked?  Absolutely delicious!
image image

Beachside Bar-Cafe
One last meal before I leave.  I have a flight after lunch so I have 25 minutes to grab lunch before I drop the rental car.  And with my body not settled into this time zone, I was at the office at 5:30am so I already filled up the car with gas.  I needed fish and a cup of chowder.  And an OCEAN VIEW.  The Beachside Bar and Cafe is less than 5 minutes from the airport and I knew I could grab a seat at the bar and have a quick lunch.
image image

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