The “I’m Bored” Jar

I have something to share with you.

The two words I hate hearing from my child –  I’m Bored.

Even though we have an entire toy room filled with books, art supplies, LEGOS and Shopkins, for some reason she is still bored. How does that happen? I’m not really sure but then a friend shared an idea with me(Thanks Marisa!)

She has a Bored Cup.  When the kids(she has three) say I’m bored, they grab a stick and it gives them something to do.  Some of the sticks have something fun(build a LEGO house) and others are more chore-type activities like things to do around the house(sweep the kitchen).

This is a great activity you can do with your kids when you create the jar.  You can let them pick the fun stuff and you can add in your wishlist!

I already bought my jar – now it’s time to decorate my sticks!!


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