Stay Cool this Summer

I have something to share with you.

Thank you Marilyn.  I now have the answer on how to stay cool this summer.

See, we were at our daughter’s softball game and it was a typical hot Texas day.  And I have to admit I was thrilled it was her last game of the season. Regardless of how hot(or cold) it is, I am out with the other parents cheering on our girls!  On this day it was in the 90’s, I was in light colored clothing and yes, I admit it, sweating like a….well, you know.  And then Marilyn walked by with a towel around her neck and looked comfortable.  I was confused…less clothes in the heat, not more.  And then she shared the secret that some of the other moms already knew.  Cooling Towels.  Wet them, wring them out and snap them to stay cool.  There goes another million dollar idea that doesn’t belong to me.

Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, Amazon Prime…get them almost anywhere.  Endura, Frogg Toggs, numerous brands.  I now have two- one in blue and one in coral, both are the Mission Enduracool in the techknit material.  They are soft and easy to travel with!

What are you waiting for?  Go buy them. Then you can say I am ready for summer!


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