My Airport Cheat Sheet

I have something to share with you.

I have driven to DFW airport more times than I want to admit over the past 7 years. And once I figured out the airport, I always parked in the same parking section no matter what. It was easier for me to remember and I always found a spot regardless of the time of day.

imageBut, on the off chance that I am running late OR I think American will fly in AND out of the same terminal(not usually the case), I needed to make sure I could park in a terminal with Pre-Check.

And that is why I created a cheat sheet for my car. It stays in the console with bubblegum, spare sunglasses and an extra USB cord and I can take a quick look after I hit the airport if I choose to park in a different section.

Now I can still get through security quickly as long as I can find a spot!

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