Ready for the Rain

I have something to share with you. 

Chances of showers 100%.  Heavy rain. Storms will extend into tonight.

kamikAnd I am ready. FINALLY. for years I could not find a rain lot that fit well AND was comfortable. I started with Hunter. All the girls had those. Nope. My feet barely stayed in. Then tried the others at DSW. Same problem- they didn’t fit or they were super ugly. Then I saw a simple boot in black with a buckle. Kamik. A Canadian brand.

Thoughts- the rain boots were true to size(i’m a 7), super comfortable, stayed on my feet, and the price point was awesome(around $70).  They have numerous options and yes, I stuck with black.  Plus they sell them at DSW, online at Zappos and numerous other retailers.

Fast forward months later, and I bought a second pair of Kamik boots(size 8), this time for the snow.



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