Warmer Weather Best Buy:  Kohl’s- The Big One Beach Towel

I have something to share with you.

We ate by the pool last night.  And I am hoping that warmer weather is here to stay.

Every summer we get ready to go to a pool party or to have people over at our house and I rummage through a big mix of random beach towels, all different colors and sizes.  I finally saw an ad for beach towels on sale at Kohl’s.  They retail for $26.99 but are often on sale, sometimes at $8.99, sometimes as an early morning $5 special buy.

What a deal!  They come in a variety of colors and designs, are reversible, oversized which means big enough for all the men in your family and are soft, not like many of the other beach towels you get for under $10.

My best advice- find a coupon online or stay up to date on their sales, visit Kohl’s and stock up for your next pool party!


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