Cartwheel shorts a must!

I have something to share with you​.

IMG_6665[1]I remember sitting in the audience of a pre-school event and the girls kept playing with their dresses and showing everyone their princess underwear.  Cute but as they got older, not so cute.

We have a rule in our house.  If you wear a dress, you must wear cartwheel shorts.  If you wear a skirt, you must wear cartwheel shorts.  No exceptions.  My daughter loves to hang from the monkey bars, dance around and yes, do cartwheels.  So we went shopping and made a rule.

Now that the weather is starting to warm, she will be in dresses.  And cartwheel shorts are a must for her closet.  They sell them at Target, Walmart, Carters and numerous other kid stores.  Some are solid colors, some with patterns, some with lace, some without.  Regardless if they match the outfit or not, my daughter is covered up and able swing from the monkey bars, do cartwheels and be a silly seven year old!



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