Recipe – Veal Osso Buco

I have something to share with you.

All through college and graduate school, I worked at restaurants.  I waited tables, cooked a bit, even bartended.  But my favorite thing to do was watch the chef cook and learn the recipes.  I have a lot of great recipes from the various spots I worked at and this dish is definitely one of my favorites, especially on a cold winter night.

ossobucoVeal Osso Buco


  • Red wine
  • 2 medium to large veal shanks
  • mirepoix  (chopped celery, carrots & onions)
  • Fresh Herbs(rosemary, thyme, basil) wrapped in cheesecloth
  • Salt and Pepper
  • flour to dust
  • 5 large cloves of garlic
  • Large can stewed whole tomatoes
  • orzo


  • Salt and Pepper the veal, dust with flour and brown in oil in a deep stock pot.
  • Remove the meat, Add mirepoix and garlic. Cook till onions are translucent and deglaze with red wine.
  • Add the meat back in, cover with canned tomatoes and top with herbs.
  • Cook for 2 1/2 hours on low heat or until meat falls off the bone.
  • If sauce is dry, add stock(beef, veal, chicken). If loose, add cornstarch dissolved in stock or water.
  • Serve over orzo.



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