On the Road Eats: Louisville

I have something to share with you.  

I went back.  Anther client meeting and this time I tried a new spot for dinner.

Guaca Mole
Sometimes you dont want to go far.  It was a long travel day.  It was cold.  And there was a little bit of snow(SMILE).  So I went across the street with a colleague for mexican. I decided to try something new, something I have always been curious about but never tried.  Pozole.  And on a cold evening, it was perfect.  I opted for something smaller to finish my meal and the carnitas sopes hit the spot(think masa shells filled with pork, cabbage, beans and lots of delicious toppings).  My colleague loved the salsa so much he almost used a straw to inhale it.  If you are staying east of downtown, stop by Guaca Mole.  The same restaurant group has a bunch of other restaurants in the area too.

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