On the Road Eats: El Paso

I have something to share with you.  

If you travel for business, you know this schedule.  Day Trip.  Arrive at the airport by 7 for a flight. Security Checkpoint(LOVE PreCheck).  Wheels up.  Land and get a rental car.  Client Meeting.  Grab a FAST lunch.  Get gas in the car.  Security checkpoint.  Fly Home.  Delayed but home for late dinner(YEAH!)

Chico’s Tacos
 I wanted a great taco. Tortilla, protein, great toppings.  After all I was in El Paso and could see Mexico.  What I got was far from what I had in my mind.  Do you know what a rolled taco is?  I didn’t.  But now I do.  It’s basically a taquito.  Rolled with ground beef and fried.  At Chico’s Tacos, they serve three to an order, covered in sauce and shredded cheese.  If I had googled this prior to arriving, I would have learned that food network star Aaron Sanchez loves this place.  So when I picked up my order in a paper “bowl”, I wasn’t sure what to to.  I used my plastic fork to “cut” the taco but it got bent.  OK..they are fried.  Not like an enchilada.  No knives.  Hmm..how do I do this?  So I look around.  My colleague is laughing at me.  But he doesn’t know how to eat it either.  Finally success(thank you to the man in the suit who I copied!)  So the question is did I enjoy my lunch?  Actually, I did.  It was quite interesting  but I left still craving a taco.

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