His Two Cents: Gifts for Him

HELP!  I need to get something for my husband for his birthday but I’m tired of buying him the same things over and over again.  Can you help me with some new ideas?

His Two Cents:  Assuming that most guys are like me and want only cool stuff and not a sweater from Banana Republic or shorts from Target as a gift, here are some links to some really cool shit.

  • www.mancrates.com
    Some really cool stuff here.  Select a category such as Food, Drinking, Camping, or Custom and look at the stuff they put in these wood crates that come with a pry bar to open them or an ammo box.
  • www.dodoburd.com
    This is the top 50 coolest gifts under $20 if you are on a budget or have already blown your budget on a Banana Republic Sweater.
  • www.REI.com
    Every Dude Loves REI.  This store has Camping, Running, Hiking, Biking, Yoga, and Yolo Boards all in one place.  The North Face, Patagonia, Kühl, Hoka, the list goes on.
  • www.trunkclub.com
    OK Ladies – this is the ultimate gift right here but it comes with a price.  You enter your man’s sizes and clothing style into a form.  Then they ship a trunk filled with cool clothing.  From Denim, Chukka Boots, and a Button down to a full on Suit and Tie.  You keep what you want and return the rest.  But it’s not cheap! Check it out!
Meet Jason!
When I wake up I am a Father, a Husband, and Former Chef and General Manager.  When I am sleeping I am a Hotel Owner with a 65 foot boat in South Beach with Sunny Skies.  I like Mountain Biking, Hiking, Shooting Guns, drinking whiskey with the guys and spending lots of time with my wife and kids(one girl, one boy).  My Dreams: To Raise my kids somewhere so cool that even I can’t believe it’s for real.  To open a restaurant that supports my family and all of my hobbies.  To really live the next 40 years to the best of my ability.

Check out more of Jason’s posts under His Two Cents.


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