On the Road Eats: Louisville

I have something to share with you.  

My first trip to Louisville.  I was super excited but unfortunately, it was not a trip to Churchill Downs.  The positive…..I found a great spot for dinner, had a great meeting with a super nice client and made it home the next day in time to cook dinner for my family.

The Village Anchor
There were four of us from various cities and we got a great feeling when we walked in.  We sat “outside” in a covered heated area and had a fantastically enthusiastic server.  We started with a few drinks and ordered a variety of items from the menu to try and share.  My choices –  started with the pork shanks with a bourbon- bbq sauce, then the elk chili and finally the sweet potato fries with an anchor marshmallow creme(OMG this was so good – I want this on top of a piece of cake!!!)  Loved this restaurant – great atmosphere, awesome service and was close to our hotel considering we were not in downtown Louisville!


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