Volunteer and Donate with your Kids

I have something to share with you.

It’s usually around the holidays when many of us start thinking about volunteering our time and donating to families in need so we can teach our children about giving back. But there are so many great organizations to become involved with year round.  So grab your kids and learn more about the groups below.

The Birthday Party Project:
birthdaypartyprojectMy friend Stacy is a Party Coordinator at The Birthday Party Project and is quite passionate about the organization.  She shared their mission with me and last year my daughter decided to donate one night of presents to them during Hanukkah  instead of receiving any gifts.  She loved giving them all the items they needed to throw a party for so many kids! Their Mission is to Bring JOY to Homeless Children Through the Magic of Birthdays.   You can give money, donate items and of course volunteer your time. Many of the events are open to kid volunteers (over the age of 5) but check their site for specifics.  They are based in Dallas and host parties with great partner agencies all around the country in NY, Detroit, San Francisco and Minneapolis.  This is a great organization to get involved with and a great option to give back on your child’s birthday.

Wee Volunteerweevolunteer:
Wee Volunteer exists to provide age appropriate service projects for preschool and elementary school age children with local Dallas charitable organizations. The projects currently serve six areas of need: hunger, homelessness, under-privileged children, elderly, animals and the environment.  My friend Caroline participated in a “60 Minutes of Giving” Project with her kids that was organized by Wee Volunteer and said it was fantastic to see not only the interaction between all of the children, but how much her kids took away from the experience.  They have numerous events posted on their online calendar like delivering for Meals on Wheels(some events in December) and then touring the kitchen where the meals are made to learn more about the VNA Meals On Wheels program and Wee Celebrate! where they learn more about communities in need and then throw a birthday party for the children who live there.

Here’s a few other suggestions with links to their sites:

Please post the names of other organizations you volunteer with in the comments!!






One thought on “Volunteer and Donate with your Kids

  1. I love that you shared information about The Birthday Party Project. In recent weeks, TBPP project has been on CBS Nightly News, The Today Show and Aston Kutcher left a video blog about it on his FB. There are many ways to help! Some agencies allow children (over 5) to volunteer. You’ll never forget the face of a child that opened their birthday gift (there have been many times that the parents have tears rolling down their face because they didn’t know how they were going to give their child a gift). We do believe that JOY changes lives. Not every child has a home. But every child has a birthday.

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