Cover Your Face

I have something to share with you.

nugg-revitalizeI was recently at Target and saw these single use beauty masks in the skin care aisle.  Of course I was curious so I googled Nügg and was surprised to see that Allure magazine rated them as a Best of Beauty item.   Nügg Offers six different options, even one for sensitive skin so I decided to try two.

The first one I tried was the exfoliating face mask made with cranberry seed oil and Jojoba Beads.  The small container was enough for two uses so I put some in a small leftover sample jar for a second application.  I covered my face, left on for 5 minutes and rinsed off.  Next I applied my night cream and off to bed I went with my super soft skin.

The second mask I tried was the revitalizing mask and I LOVED it.  It has peppermint oil and immediately tingles and wakes you up.  I love my Bliss body exfoliator with mint for the shower and had hoped I would love the Nügg mask just as much.  This container also had enough for me to save for another application and I cannot wait to apply again.  The best thing is this can be used at any time of day and it definitely “wakes up” your face.

Next on the list…..the Anti-Aging Face Mask!


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