On the Road Eats: Indianapolis

I have something to share with you.

I always eat well in Indy.  I have my favorites but wanted to try three new places on this trip.  Wow – all three were fantastic.

Meridian Restaurant & Bar
imageI almost expected to see snow outside the window after I walked in.  If it had been a colder day, the sight of winter jackets and the quiet buzz of diners would be something out of a book.  The wood panels and candle chandeliers made me wish for 30 degree temperatures and a warm pair of winter boots.  I loved the decor of this spot and loved the food too.  I ordered the Boar Bolognese with Cavatappi – I needed to have something comforting in the rainy weather and I often crave great pasta dishes.  It was fantastic with a little bit of heat and filled me up for the rest of the day.  They have a happy hour and a great dinner menu…I should have come here years ago when my client David recommended it to me.

The Loft Restaurant & Dairy Bar at Traders Point Creamery
The chef at Meridian suggested I go eat at the creamery.  A farm that has a restaurant?  Yes he said and it is fantastic.  Later that night I drove up and saw the lights on the restaurant.  It was raining but would have been beautiful at sunset on a clear day.  I approached the door that said Farm Store and The Loft Restaurant and entered into a store. Coolers of yogurt, cheese, and ice cream surrounded me- all things I could unfortunately not purchase since I was in a hotel.  Up a flight of wooden steps led me to a wide open space that was rustic with a dairy bar in the corner.  I loved this spot.  My server was absolutely fantastic, shared her favorites from the menu and the specials of the night.  Based on her recommendations I ordered the walleye and the homemade apple pie with homemade caramel and vanilla ice cream.  My meal was fabulous and my only wish was that my hotel was closer…I was full and ready for bed.

image image

I arrived and had the option to sit at a communal table or at the bar and watch the chefs.  Take comfort into consideration, I should have chosen a table but I wanted to watch.  Four or five chefs behind the counter and the plates they put out were wonderful to look at and even better to eat.  I asked for recommendations and decided on the grilled skirt steak huevos racheros(salsa verde, fried egg, salted cabbage, black-eyed peas and beef tongue) AND the potato and yuca latke with acorn squash jam, sour cream and pickled cranberry.  If I could eat at this restaurant every day, I would.  The dishes were super creative and absolutely delicious.  I never thought to have black-eyed peas with beef tongue in a mexican breakfast dish and pickled cranberries gave the latke a surprise flavor that I would not have expected.  Please open in Dallas!


For my next trip to Indianapolis, where do you think I should eat?

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