Don’t grow tall too fast

I have something to share with you.

My daughter has been asking for high heels for about 3 years now.  And for 3 years I have been saying no.  But you get to wear them she says.  I am an adult I say back.  But now that she is in elementary school, she sees some of the girls a few years older than her in “heeled shoes”.  Of course a bunch of questions popped into my head.  Will she have back issues if she wears heels?  Not Sure.  Will she complain the whole time that her feet hurt?  I think so.  Will she be mad if I only let her wear them on weekends?  Of course.
imageWe stumbled on TOMS wedges at Nordstrom.  They had one black pair in her size and it had a 1 1/2″ wedge.  Hmmm…..I guess at some point I will have to accept that she is growing up and will want to do more “big girl” things like wearing makeup and heels.  As long as I still help pick out her clothes, I guess I can bend and buy them for her.  The excuse that they don’t make heels in her size doesn’t hold water anymore.
As we were leaving we walked through the women’s shoe department and of course, they had a matching pair for me.  Guess letting her choose a new shoe added a new shoe to my closet too.  Hopefully they are comfortable because I can’t use the excuse that they don’t fit anymore in another 6 months.


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