Your Doll Needs Pajamas Too?

I have something to share with you.

We gave in and bought our daughter an American Girl doll a couple of years ago.  She has asked for a sister for “Leila” but I keep saying no.  Not only are the dolls(and all the accessories) expensive, but she doesn’t play with the doll all that much.  Lately, Leila has been around more and during a recent shopping trip for pajamas, my daughter said Leila needed new pajamas too.

matchingpjsI buy my pajamas at Kohl’s and lucky for me, they had three pairs of girls pajamas on sale that came with…….Ready?   Matching Doll Pajamas!  No trip needed to the American Girl Store.  And no need for me to find a matching nightshirt.  I could use my Kohl’s coupon codes and get Kohl’s cash from the 4 new nightgowns both she and Leila now have.  Considering one of them will grow out of the nightgown by summer, this was a great deal!


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