On the Road Eats: Anaheim

I have something to share with you.

I was headed to Anaheim.  No, it was not a family trip to Disney but for a conference.  The good news was I would get to see numerous clients all in one place and have a bunch of great meetings.  The bad news…no trip to the Cars ride at California Adventure.

SpringHill Suites at Anaheim Resort/Convention Center
I had to walk to the Hilton everyday and this was a convenient option.  And on the nights I returned by 9:15p, I could head up to the pool on the 5th floor and watch the Disney fireworks with all the families staying at the hotel.  The rooms were clean, the staff was nice, they offered bunk beds for those with family and there was a breakfast every morning.  CVS and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf are on the first floor to add to the convenience.  Good price point, good option, but remember, I didn’t have to walk to the park.

Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles
My husband knows I love chicken and waffles and often mentions a place in LA that had the “best” chicken and waffles.  My favorite is still 24 Diner in Austin, TX but Roscoe’s was GOOD.  The chicken was on the bone and the waffle was simple but sometimes the more simple a meal, the better.  I got lucky that there was a spot in Anaheim down the street from the SpringHill and grabbed a quick lunch.  Add a side of mac and cheese and it was the perfect first meal for my trip to Cali!

image image

Café Tu Tu Tango
I worked at one of the other locations back in the late 90’s.  I was so excited that Anaheim had a “Tango” that I passed on a visit to Bistro Bleu, which I read was great, to indulge in my old favorites.  For some reason, the place was empty.  And it didn’t have the feel I remembered from my 20’s.  The restaurant was loud and energetic back then.  It was a Tuesday night but it was super quiet.  I explained to my colleagues what the restaurant was all about since the server didn’t recite the spiel that I used to have to tell to every new table.   We ordered a bunch of plates and I was disappointed.  I remembered the food being so much better.  Yes, the cajun chicken egg rolls were still great but different and the paella was pretty good but not super exciting.  I wonder if my tastes have just grown up or if they had an off night?

image image imageimage

Napa Rose
I stayed at the Grand Californian once but never had the experience of dining at Napa Rose.  I received an invitation to a dinner and arrived to find a set menu for a 5 course meal. Fabulous..I only have to make 2 decisions – red or white and my entrée.  We had a private room with a quiet patio for cocktails and then dinner was server.  First course was Grape Leaves with Pheasant, next a tri-colored salad with a lemon truffle vinaigrette, followed by a mushroom bisque.  Entrée options were given and I chose the scallops which were delicious.  They ended the meal with a bit of chocolate and a bit of lemon.  I definitely enjoyed myself and the simplicity of my choices.  By the way, I chose red.

image  imageimage image image image

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