A Heel Worth the Splurge

I have something to share with you.

I am constantly reminded at how bad I am with fashion.  I was reminded of that again this past April when I had a black tie wedding to attend a few months later in Florida.  I had to buy a new dress(long) and new shoes.  In the past when I had an event, I would rush to find a shoe, whether a strappy sandal or a sexy high heel, and then complain the entire night because the shoe was super uncomfortable.  Time to take my mother-in-law’s advice – invest in a quality piece and spend some money on something special.  I knew the price per wear would be high but it would be worth it to my husband to not hear me complain.  If I found the perfect shoe, I would also eliminate the stress of getting dressed for this and future nights out.

247ivettepat_black_anglepairMeet Ivette.  I met her at Neiman Marcus but she has a cousin who is a bit taller. Her cousin also has more than one residence…Nordstrom being her second. I remember looking at the price and thinking not a chance I will spend that on a shoe.  But then I put it on.  And it wasn’t too high(3″ plus)  and it was comfortable.  I had support around the front of my foot.  Did I mention it was comfortable?  I could walk around on both the tile and the carpet.  It was sexy, it was black(note to self I can wear these with other dresses that are short) and WAIT, it is $800.  I don’t spend $800 on shoes.  Maybe $350 on a pair of heels that I will wear almost every day to work(good return on the price per wear) but $800.  Nope.  Thanks Neiman Marcus sales guy.  I cannot do it.

But two days later I did.  I splurged and bought them.  And I wore them around the house for a couple of weeks and they were STILL comfortable.  And then I wore them to the beautiful black tie wedding I attended.  Wore them for over 6 hours. I walked, I danced, I sat(for only a short while because I wanted to eat and the music was FANTASTIC), I danced more, and my husband didn’t hear one complaint out of me.  He asked(a few times)and I was able to say honestly, “No, honey, my feet feel fine”.

I cannot say I will splurge like this again any time soon but I was reading the May issue of InStyle magazine and I got to give myself a fashion pat on the back(that never happens!) They featured the Jimmy Choo Ivette shoe(in silver) and said it is a heel you can stand in all evening.  Guess what, add the word dancing and they were absolutely right!!


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