My Favorite Things: Oregon Chai

I have something to share with you​.

I must have a cup of coffee in the morning.  But just one.  And before 10am.  Any more than that and I feel “off” for the rest of the day.  Any later than that and I won’t fall asleep at a decent hour.  I am super caffeine sensitive.

But sometimes in the middle of a summer day, I want something delicious and cold or on a cold winter night, I want something warm and comforting.  I am happy to report I found the perfect drink!

I found Oregon Chai concentrate when I lived in Atlanta at Harry’s Farmers Market(later acquired by Whole Foods).  After moving to Dallas, I bought it at Central Market, Tom Thumb and Whole Foods but finding the decaffeinated package was tough.  During a random shopping trip, I saw it at a Walmart SuperCenter when getting K-cups for my Kuerig.  I was happy again!

Oregon Chai is a tea concentrate that you mix with milk(I use Lactaid) and serve warm or over ice.  It’s delicious and they have numerous options- vanilla, slightly sweet, decaf, spiced, sugar-free and the newest, salted caramel.  You can buy them on Amazon in larger quantities or at your local food store and I often recommend it to friends that I know like tea(my colorist just bought her second box of six containers from Amazon).  They also have a powder mix, single serve options(K cups) and tea bags.  And their website offers numerous recipe options like Oregon Chai Sorbet(on my list to try- looks super easy!). So on your next shopping trip, pick up a box of this to satisfy your next craving for a frappuccino type drink or something warm in the evening.


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