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stswy-momiconStella & Dot
Recently I posted about Stitch Fix, a service made up of online personal stylists that send items specifically for you based on all of your own style preferences.  I have a love for jewelry so I thought I would share another great shopping option.  Have you heard of Stella & Dot?  Of course you have.

“Hmmmm, how to review Stella & Dot??? Love? Yup, pretty much. When my friend Kelli introduced me to S&D, I was kind of like ‘shoot, another crazy jewelry company that I’ll have to pretend to think is awesome.’ Oh, so wrong! I adore their simple designs and charms – they’re prefect for me! I don’t wear a ton of jewelry, mainly just simple earrings and necklaces. Kelli showed me how to mix up charms and add another necklace here and there that pulled things together really well for me! I’ve got a few of S&D’s statement pieces that I’m getting braver with too… Again, thanks to Kelli for that! We would see each other and she would have some gorgeous necklace or earrings on with jeans and a t-shirt and would look amazing! I never would have thought to do that! Love the ideas! At the last party I had, Kelli swept in, set up, added a necklace to what I had on and the party took off from there! Her no pressure attitude is the BEST! It makes things more like just hanging out with your favorite women and oh, look, sparkly fun things to try on! And Kel’s giveaways?! So awesome. It’s ALWAYS something I’m dying to win. I’m not sure how she does it. But, really, she’s the best!”

-Jamie, Dallas mom, married with one daughter, runner, sometimes crossfitter, lover of wine and fun

“I have something I want to share with you! One of my new favorite places to find trendy and classic accessories; Stella & Dot! When I was invited to my first party about 2 years ago, I fell in love! Gorgeous, beautiful, classy, trendy, sparkly, bold, and everything in between, JEWELRY! From statement necklaces, to the perfect stud earring, there it was. Looking for a great scarf to jazz up an outfit? Stella & Dot has it. Need a fabulous carry all bag or a clutch for night out? Stella & Dot has it. Everything is done just right with the perfect amount of flair and bling. I was HOOKED! My Stylist, Kelli Geyer, is AMAZING! Kelli is so kind and so much fun. She was fully prepared with TONS of fun baubles displayed for everyone’s pleasure. She had great suggestions on how to pair the jewelry with different outfits/looks and knew how each item was unique by showing it’s versatility. Who doesn’t love to play dress up? I felt like a kid again trying on mom’s jewelry box. I must have tried on every piece of jewelry at least twice. It’s so hard to make a decision…in a good way! Before leaving, I decided I wanted to host party of my own. It’s the perfect excuse to have girlfriends over, drink some wine, and feel a little fancy! Not only did I have a blast, my friends did too! And we all came out with some fabulous finds! With new lines coming out at least twice a year, there’s always something new to add to your Must Have and Wish Lists. I am looking forward to my next party this October; just in time to start Christmas shopping!”

-Andrea, Dallas mom, married with 2 kids

stella_necklaceMY EXPERIENCE:  I love shopping(as long as someone reviews my purchases after I buy but before I wear)but having a friend with me to give me their honest opinion is so much more helpful.  I recently attended a party thanks to my friend Kelli.  She has been a Stella & Dot stylist for a few years and I never knew. After giving me the scoop at a playdate with our daughters, she sent me a catalog and had a party a few weeks later.  I walked in and started browsing.  She has all the jewelry set up to try on and she was able to suggest certain items, show me how some pieces were reversible or could be added/removed to change the look and share her opinion on how things looked on me.  How easy is that!!   PLUS they offer jewelry for girls! Yes, really cute necklaces and bracelets and a few that are similar to “mom” pieces.  Thirty minutes later, I had a new pair of earrings picked out(they are reversible) and ordered a necklace that has three different chains and can be worn over 30 different ways(see picture)!  And yes, my daughter left with an order of her own – a cute necklace with the Eiffel Tower and two other charms.

Thanks to the moms who sent in these great “In Your Opinion” recommendations. Below is the information for our Stella & Dot stylist.

Services Spotlight:

Stella & Dot – Fashion Jewelry & Accessories exclusively available at home parties or online

Stylist:  Kelli Geyer –


One thought on “In Her Opinion: Stella & Dot

  1. I have always worn small, delicate jewelry. I was too scared to wear all the bold and beautiful pieces I see other women wear. Then Kelli introduced me to Stella & Dot and forced me out of my comfort zone. Now every time I have a party or special occasion coming up, I just show up to my amazing stylist, Kelli, with my outfit and she accessorizes me top to bottom with jewelry I could never pick out myself! Everywhere I go I get compliments on my jewelry and I feel BEAUTIFUL!

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